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Morning exercises for joints

Wake up in the morning can be very difficult - both the brain and the body need to be urgently brought to tone, and this is sometimes unrealistic. Do not rush to leave the bed immediately, do not make sudden movements!

This will only worsen the situation, creating additional stress for the body. Much more appropriate to do special Exercises for joints - Easy, but effective.

This wonderful Warm-up Not only will help you to wake up quickly and improve blood circulation. Thanks to it you can prevent osteochondrosis, make the joints mobile, get rid of the pain and tension in the legs.

If you happen to be headache, This charge will create a miracle: Activating the feet with simple movements, you will improve blood flow. It will save you from a headache and make the brain work in the most productive mode all day!

Exercises for joints

White socks on legs

Each exercise must be performed 15, it is possible - 20 times. If you hear a crunch - do not be surprised, eventually it will pass. For the proper functioning of the joints they need to be constantly developed!

  1. Exercises for feet
    Lie on your back, put your hands freely on each side, keep your legs straight, shoulder width apart. Alternately pull out the big toe to the maximum possible straightening and fold in the opposite direction.

    Alternately take your thumbs and plant themMaximum to the side. When mixing try to put your fingers on the surface of the bed. When breeding slowly twist the whole leg, feeling the tension in the muscles.

    Rotate the foot clockwise and counter-clockwise. Watch the big toes, try to draw circles with your fingers.

    As much as possible compress fingers of feet, as if you are going to grab them a small ball. Then also as much as possible spreading fingers, as if straightening a palm.

  2. Knee joint exercise
    "Sliding with heels"
    Keep your legs straight, your arms - along the trunk. Alternately bend and unbend his legs in the knees, slipping the soles on the bed. When flexing, try to touch the buttock with a heel.
  3. Exercises for the hip joint
    "Wheels of a train"
    Keep your knees bent. Alternately stretch the straight leg with the heel forward to the maximum length, literally before the pelvic displacement. You can help yourself with your hands and hold on to the headboard.

    "Knee in the wall"
    Keep your legs on the width of your shoulders, bend your knees. Hands slightly to the sides, palms down. Alternately lower the bent leg to the bed inward - the left knee to the right leg, the right knee - to the left.

    Bend your legs in your knees, keep your knees together, your feet should touch each other. Keep your hands free at your sides. On exhalation try as much as possible to raise the pelvis, while squeezing the gluteal muscles.

  4. "Pulling"
    Straighten up, keep your legs straight, your hands on each side. Clasp your knees bent at the knee and press her to your chest, lifting your back from the bed and trying to touch the knee with your chin. Change your foot. Do the exercise 15 times. There may be pain in the lumbar and thoracic spine, so exercise should be done smoothly, on exhalation.
  5. Exercise for the waist and abdominals
    "We draw in the belly"
    Legs bend at the knees, press the soles tightly toBed. Place the palm of your right or left hand on your stomach. On the inspiration protrude, on the exhalation, draw in the stomach so that the palm comes down with the stomach. After a short delay in breathing, breathe out freely.
  6. Mother and child

If during the exercises you have Convulsions - Do not be scared, this is a natural effect. Razotri problem site and continue to do. After injuries to tendons and joints, with arthritis, osteochondrosis and varicose veins, such charging is better than any medicine.

Your legs will become mobile, light, they will not get tired at the end of the working day. The feet need to be strengthened, because the main Walking load, It is especially important for people with excess weight. Dare, be healthy and active!

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