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Eastern elixir of youth

Aging of the body Inevitably, and this must be reconciled. But at any age you want to look good and feel young! What do you need for this? Of course, it is important to eat right, adhere to the regime of the day, to load the body with physical exercises, not to worry about trifles ...

The list can be continued for a long time, but what's the use ifIn practice very few people comply with such regulations. The choice of a way of life is everyone's business. One who aspires to feel wonderful and look no worse, will do everything possible for this!

Eastern elixir of youth


Why not try this elixir of youth,Which is very popular in the east? The secret of its action is simple: in the first place, the elixir contributes to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

When the stomach is healthy, the skin becomes radiant, the face becomes lighter, the facial features become soft. Also this wonderful elixir Clears the vessels And the liver, which affects not only the beauty of the skin. Cleansing the liver of toxins gives energy and vivacity, well-being becomes beautiful.

Substances in the elixir increase immunity, promote recovery in cystitis and pyelonephritis, and also in the prevention of these diseases. Finding health, you will be young before your eyes!


  • 100 ml of lemon juice
  • 200 g of honey
  • 50 ml cold pressed olive oil

Mix carefully all the ingredients and store the elixir in the fridge. For the therapeutic effect, it is enough to drink 1 tbsp. L. This mixture on an empty stomach. The most important thing is to do it every day.

A month later you will feel how your body has come into tonus, Skin cleared, And the mood was magnificent. Because a healthy and energetic person is always pleasant to look in the mirror, this creates a positive mood for the whole day!


Shine in the eyes is what distinguishes the youngA person from an aging. Do not cease to be surprised by everything new, treat life with interest, experiment, and then youth will always be with you. Tell this unusual recipe to acquaintances of different ages - good health is necessary for everyone!