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Morning exercises of Tibetan lamas

The modern pace of life is often the cause of stress and irritability. To achieve inner harmony, you should do it every morning in the morning. Gymnastics of Tibetan lamas. This is a simple charge, which does not require special devices and special training.

This mini-exercise takes only 7 minutes a day, but the effect of it is enormous: you will get a charge of vivacity and positive for the whole day. But do not forget to do every exercise with pleasure.

Morning exercises of Tibetan lamas

Morning exercises of Tibetan lamas

  1. After waking up lie down with eyes closed 5Minutes. After that you need to rub your hands to make them hot. Then massage your ears, folding the forefinger, the thumb and middle finger together (the thumb should be behind the ear). Walk them on the ear from the top down 30 times.
  2. Put your right hand on your forehead so that it is onLine of eyebrows. Cover it with your left palm and focus on the point of the third eye (between the eyebrows). Now move your palm to the skin of your forehead right-to-left 30 times. Also this exercise will help to relieve the headache.
  3. Put your hand in the fist and phalanxes of the thumbs, massage the closed eyes - from the nose to the ears. Do 15 repetitions. This exercise improves the vision and blood supply of the brain.
  4. Put the right hand on the thyroid gland, the left palm on top and move your hands, lightly pressing, from the top down - from the throat to the solar plexus 30 times.
  5. In the prone position, draw in and inflate the stomach as much as possible 30 times. Breathing can be arbitrary. Thanks to this exercise all stagnant phenomena in the digestive tract go away.
  6. Lying on his back, slowly, on inhalation pull to the breast first right knee 15 times. Then the same number of times left.
  7. Put your right hand on the solar plexus, the left upper, make circles on the stomach with the pressure clockwise 30 times.
  8. Legs stretched out, hands on the back of the head. On inhalation, lift your legs behind your head, and, on exhalation, lower it. Do the exercise 10 times. It improves masculine potency, digestion and is very useful for the spine.
  9. Sit on the edge of the bed, your eyes are open, put your left foot on your right knee, rub the notch on your foot 30 times with your knuckles. The same with the right foot. It stimulates all organs.
  10. In the sitting position, put the right hand on the back of the head, the left hand on top and, pressing, move your hands to the right and left 15 times.

After gymnastics drink a half glass of warm water (or better 1-2 glasses of room temperature).

Take the habit of doing these exercises in the morning, and you will see changes in your life: you will always have a good mood and well-being, and stresses will bother much less!