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Techniques for rejuvenating the spine

Causes of pain in the back may be different. First of all, this lack of physical activity, weak muscles, Abnormal posture, Trauma, stress, unbalanced nutrition.

Women who constantly wear highHeels, back aches very often - the unnatural position of the spine when walking becomes critical. The only constructive solution to problems with the back is to strengthen the muscles.

Of course, this is not shown to all people: if there are serious Spine trauma, It is better to consult a doctor so as not to harm. In other cases, diligent pursuits are what you need! The spine is inextricably linked with the central nervous system.

If you rejuvenate it with the help of special equipment,Your health will become stronger, the condition is much calmer. Get down to business: these wonderful exercises will support the spine and make him your faithful servant.

Techniques of rejuvenating the spine

  1. Sit on your heels and put your hands behind your back. Do not clasp your fingers to your back. On inspiration rise from the heels, pull the gluteus muscles, tilt your head back and articulate your back with an arch, without uncoupling your fingers.

    Exercises for the spine

    On exhalation, drop on his heels and press his forehead against the floor, lifting his hands up behind his back. This is one cycle. Is carried out within 1-3 minutes.

  2. Exercises for the spine

  3. Relax, lying on your back, for 1-3 minutes. Then grab your knees with your hands, press your forehead against them and rock on your back.
  4. Exercises for the spine

  5. Sit with your legs crossed. Push your hands to your shoulders with your four fingers forward, your thumbs back.

    On the inspiration, take your elbows and head back, straightening your back, exhale your back in exhalation, pull your elbows forward and lower your head down. Do this at a fast pace 1-3 minutes.

  6. Exercises for the spine

    Exercises for the spine

  7. Sit with your legs crossed. Raise your hands along the head up, pressing them to the auricles. Palms should be directed inwards, fingers - widely placed.

    Actively reach for 3 minutes. Take a deep breath and stretch, then exhale and relax, dropping your hands on your knees. Then - 30 seconds of relaxation. Repeat this exercise for 3-5 minutes.

  8. Exercises for the spine

  9. Sit on the rug, stretching your legs in front of you. Keep your back straight. Raise your hands straight up to the parallel with the floor. Shoulders be diverted to the sides. On the inspiration, tilt your body slightly back and lift your legs forty-five degrees upwards.

    On exhalation return to the starting position. Movements should be smooth, breathing - measured. Lead time - 5 minutes. Then inhale, exhale and go to the next exercise.

  10. Exercises for the spine

    Exercises for the spine

  11. Sit on the rug, stretching out your straight legs forward. Lower your head down, put your elbows on the floor on both sides of your legs and grasp your hands behind your heels.

    If it does not work, clasp your anklesJoints. Being in this position for at least 3 minutes. do not relax! Then inhale, exhale and stretch again. Do this exercise two more times, then gently stand up.

  12. Exercises for the spine

These 6 exercises will allow your spine to straighten, will tone your back muscles. They are quite intense, but the result will be appropriate! Flexibility of the spine - pledge of youth, freedom in movements and thoughts.

Because very often stiffness in the backIs a consequence of nerve clamps. Experiencing stress, a person strains and closes in himself. Pay attention to the correct breathing: make sure that the diaphragm relaxes, breathe deeply, remove tension in the ribs.

With these exercises you do not suffer from back pain! Forget about what a "wooden" spine is. The benefit of this charge is difficult to overestimate, share an article with loved ones who are engaged in sedentary work - they will definitely appreciate it.