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Many diseases arise from Acid-base balance Organism. In 1931 a biochemist, physician and physiologist Ottoburg of Germany was awarded the Nobel Prize for having proved the relationship between cancer and acidification of the internal environment of the body. But the alkaline environment does not at all contribute to the dwelling of cancer cells.

Most people are disrupted Acid-base balance, And because of this, diseases develop. At first you feel constant fatigue, there are dizziness, headaches, cramps, insomnia and frequent colds.

Each of us can independently determineIts acid-base balance using a special test. It can be purchased at the pharmacy with instructions for use. The pH-balance is optimal. 7. It is best to check it one hour before a meal or two hours after.

If you have less than this figure, then inThe organism has created a favorable environment for the development of infections. It can be changed with the help of food, which will help to shift the body's balance in the alkaline side. Alkalization of the body is now extremely rare, so alkali products in reasonable quantities are useful to all.

How to improve health with food

From this table you will be able to find out to what extent the products affect the acid-base balance of the body.

Conventional symbols:
0 - weak oxidation or alkalinization;
00 - average oxidation or alkalinization;
000 - strong oxidation or alkalinization;
0000 - very strong oxidation or alkalinization.

Acid-base balance

Prevention is a guarantee of good health. Follow periodically for the pH-balance of the body in order to avoid many diseases.

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