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Hidden gymnastics Vorobyov

In Soviet times, concern for the working people was part of propaganda. Thanks to this came up with a lot of good things - which is only milk, which was given out "for the harmfulness" of the profession. Industrial gymnastics - Another useful Soviet invention.

Whoever said anything, but it's logical and useful - to do sports activities Part of the life of working people. Strong health and harmony is what is necessary for the happy life of any person. Professor sparrows invented exercises that only do 6 minutes every hour, but the result will still be palpable!

The most difficult thing is to get involved and live through the first three days Training sessions. Then everything will be very at ease, you will tighten your body and discipline the mind. Not just because this system of training received two gold medals in the USSR twice!

Gymnastics of professor Vorobiev

Gymnastics of professor Vorobiev

    To start the exercises, you do not even need to get up - it's very easy to do right on the job!

  1. Place your emphasis on the soles of your feet, they must completely touch the ground. Raise and lower the heels without lifting the socks off the floor 40 times. Keep your back straight, legs should be brought together.
  2. Raise and lower your socks without lifting off the heels 40 times.
  3. An exercise that can be done in any position: sitting, standing and even on the move - squeeze and unclench the muscles of the buttocks 40 times.
  4. Slowly draw the wall of the abdomen on exhalation, on inhalation return to the starting position 15 times. Excellent training for the abdominal muscles!
  5. Train the muscles of the back standing or sitting. With a straight back, shift the scapula to the spine 40 times, watch that your shoulders do not move!
  6. To give rest to the back and stretch the fingers of your hands, do the following exercise: arms divide in different directions at shoulder level. Watch your posture. Squeeze and unclench your fists 40 times.
  7. Rhythmically turn your head left and right 40 times.
  8. Pull your chin forward 40 times. This exercise will save you from the second chin and make a more precise oval face.

Office staff and everyone who has to sit for a long time in one place, will be amazed at the effectiveness of such training. When you feel that your Muscles in tone, It becomes easier to live and work.

Try this famous gymnastics sparrow, you just will not regret it!