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Foot reflexology

Meditation is a good way Tidy up one's thoughts. Deep breathing and relief from compulsiveInner conversations with oneself are what your overburdened mind needs. But do not forget that the physical state is closely related to your spiritual world.

What kind of relaxation can there be when it hurtsSpin, all the bones ache, and the level of fatigue passes all the permissible boundaries? To instantly return to normal functioning, the body needs a shake. reflexology - this is not only a quick way to find cheerfulness, but also a very pleasant massage.

On the feet of a person are thousands of nerve endings. When you wear uncomfortable shoes, they are injured, many diseases are associated with these permanent microtrauma. Special Pressing certain points, Which are located on the foot, will help you not only to relax, but also to stimulate the body, to give a spirit to the correct work.

Thanks to the miracle massage of the foot, you can influence theDifferent organs and systems of the body! Do not regret a few minutes for yourself, massage your legs with your index and thumbs. The procedure is fascinating and will bring you into a state of bliss!

Foot massage

Foot reflexology

Massaging the big toe, you work on hypothalamus. It is very useful for people who sufferExcess weight, - pressing on this point help to control appetite, promote natural weight loss. In the center of the thumb is the point responsible for the pituitary gland - the main hormonal gland.

no Hormonal imbalance You will not be afraid if you give this pointEnough attention! At the base of the thumb there is an area whose massage is equated to a massage of the thyroid gland. Being in constant stress, the thyroid gland often malfunctions even in perfectly healthy people, it is useful for everyone to knead this zone.

The center of the foot massage is especially pleasant - the plexus of nerves is associated with Diaphragm. Here it is, real relaxation! Active exposure to the middle of the foot helps to cope with stress, relieves stress. Near the inner edge of the foot, closer to the middle, there are nerve endings associated with the work of the adrenal glands.

If you feel insuperable fatigue, a massage of this place will quickly help you to regain your lost energy. Stretching his legs in the area close to the heel, you activate Excretory systems of the body - toxins will not stagnate and poison you from the inside.

Go for a massage, not postponing! Make yourself a gift at the end of a busy day of work, open your legs properly. The result will inspire you to repeat this pleasant action daily.