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Dangerous food

Nowadays it is very difficult to find really useful products on store shelves. Harmful products every day becomes more and more.

We have prepared a list of 7 products that at first sight do not carry any danger, but in fact they can not be used categorically if you do not want to harm your health!

Dangerous food

  1. Jams
    Store jams are very harmful, they contain powerful antioxidants, which help preserve berries and fruits in their original form. Also, dyes in their composition are harmful.
  2. jam

  3. French fries in eateries and shops
    French fries contains a huge amountStarch and fat. Its use leads to weight gain. But obesity is a mere trifle compared to other health problems that cause the use of this dish.

    Also, French fries contain trans fats that can become The cause of atherosclerosis, Diabetes and cancer, but, in addition, they cause genetic changes in the body.

    Trans fats strike also on immunity. French fries are abundantly salted. A large amount of salt in the diet increases the risk of getting sick, for example, urolithiasis, to earn hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

  4. French fries

  5. popcorn
    In itself, corn is not a threat to humans. But in order to make popcorn, it adds oil, salt, sugar, caramelizers, dyes, flavor enhancers and flavors.

    The amount of salt in classic salted popcorn is many times more than in chips.

  6. popcorn

  7. Boiled sausages
    Boiled sausages are made fromGenetically modified soy. Sausages, sausages, boiled sausages, pates and other products contain fat, interior fat, pork skin, which occupy up to 40% of weight. Taste of meat is achieved with the help of flavor additives.
  8. sausage

  9. ham
    In most cases in ham as such, meat is not more than 5%. All the rest - gel (flavor enhancers, color enhancers).
  10. ham

  11. Smoked sausage
    Unfortunately, as before no one is smoking. Instead, smoking fluids are used in which formaldehyde is present. It can lead to cancer.
  12. Sausages

  13. Dairy products of long shelf life
    Do not eat dairy products that canStored for longer than two weeks. Aseptic packaging is a package with an antibiotic. Unfortunately, such milk also contains stabilizers, thickeners, antioxidants and flavors.
  14. milk

These foods should be limited in your diet, and you will feel how your health improves.

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