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Point on the finger of pain

The inhabitants of some eastern countries believe that virtually any pain is the result of the fact that in the human body The flow of energy is disturbed.

exist Dot on the palm, Pressing on which you can get rid of the pain. According to them, this point helps to reduce pressure and normalize the general condition of a person. do not trust? And you check!

Point of pain


If you do not feel well, then feel forYourself on the cushion of the middle finger of the right or left hand this point. It is very painful. Press on it for about a minute. You can press with your thumbnail, as well as with a ballpoint pen. After you feel relieved and you The mind will become clear.

It is rumored that this method is also used in Military medicine, When a person needs to be quickly raised to his feet. This may seem incredible, but this method does work.

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