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The point of happiness

Do you know that on the body each person has "Point of happiness"? And to search for it for a long time it is not necessary, it is a thymus, orthymus. It is located at the base of the sternum, two fingers below the clavicular notch. This place is the focus of happiness in the human body!

The name of the iron was received because of the appearance, a healthy organ resembles a three-pronged fork. And the second name - Thymus, In translation from Greek means "life force".

thymus - the main organ of the immune system of ourOrganism, but the problem is that by the age of 30 it practically ceases to work and remains in an atrophied state. Someone has this happening before, someone later. Why - it is not known for certain, whether it is genetic predisposition, whether it is a matter of lifestyle.


But do not worry, there are a number of ways that can return life to the thymus gland.

How quickly to get rid of depression

If you are depressed or just badMood, you can stimulate it at home: tap on the thymus for 10-20 seconds with your fingertips or a fist clenched in your hand, as in the film about tarzana. Do not be too zealous, everything is good in everything. The main thing - do it with pleasure and pick up a comfortable rhythm for yourself. When your thymus gland is activated, you can feel the creeps all over your body, a burst of joy and happiness.

also thymus Likes thermal procedures, you can go to the saunaOr soak up the sun. So if you suffer from depression, every morning activate the "point of happiness" and repeat this procedure several times during the day.

In a short time you will feel stronger, you will be able to regain the balance of life. You can add affirmation, for example, to the following: "I'm young, healthy, beautiful". Or come up with your own, only necessarily - positive.

Ah, how little we need to be happy! Use knowledge about the thymus gland and normalize the state of your nervous system. In an era of constant stress this is so important ...