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How to survive a heart attack alone

Heart attack is a common occurrence inNowadays. He happens not only with older people, as is commonly believed. Life in constant stress gives its own, and no one is immune from such a dangerous event.

We are taught a lot of things that will never be useful, but what to do when Life under threat, Very few people know. Read carefully this information, it can save you and your loved ones at a critical moment. The heart does not tolerate mistreatment!

heart attack

A heart attack can be recognized by frequent, Heartbeat And a state close to fainting. Pain in the heart and sternum, pressing and burning, as well as sweating are characteristic for the pathological condition. A person with such symptoms has only 10 seconds to help himself!

What to do in case of a heart attack

  1. Start coughing. Cough and breathe the air as deeply as possible. Cough should be repeated every 2 seconds. It will make the heart contract, blood will circulate, deep breaths will fill the lungs with oxygen. Cough will provide you with extra time for Call an ambulance, Remember this!
  2. Sit in a chair with armrests or lie down so that the head was on the dais. Free the neck from clothing.
  3. Take 0.25 g of aspirin (chew the tablet,Swallow) and 0.5 mg of nitroglycerin. Aspirin prevents blockage of arteries, and nitroglycerin lowers arterial pressure. Nitroglycerin need only drink one tablet, so as not to aggravate the condition. Pills a glass of water. It is not recommended to drink other cardiac drugs: they can contain caffeine, which in this condition is contraindicated.
  4. Call an ambulance. The ambulance needs to be called up quickly - if you feel the approach of fainting, do it before you take the medicine. Clearly state the address and name, say that you have a heart attack. The main thing: no panic, do everything calmly and decisively, because it depends on your life! The excitement and anxiety of your heart can simply not be moved.
  5. Breathe deeply. It will help you stay calm! Uniform breaths are useful for any nervous tension.
  6. When doctors come, show them what medicines you drank. It is better to always keep a medical card in a prominent place, especially if you already had heart problems.
  7. Do not get up at all, do not go, do not eat or smoke until the doctors arrive, even if the condition has stabilized!

Keep the house Cardiac drugs - Aspirin and nitroglycerin must beIn the medicine cabinet. So that the heart does not play a cruel joke with you, take care of it: do not abuse alcohol, smoking, coffee. Engage in moderate physical activity.

Sleep enough time. And most importantly: stop nervous about trifles! The calmer you will be, the less health problems you face.

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