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Feng Shui Point

Improbable improvement of physical well-beingYou will receive only one procedure. To this place you need to put a piece of ice, and a miracle will happen ... the headache will go away, the whole organism becomes active, you will be filled with unprecedented vivacity.

The point of feng-fu is unique. This is the zone, influencing which it is possible to influence directly on the brain, because there is nothing between the skin and the brain in this place! Try to spend this unusual healing procedure and will provide the maximum effect for the organism without extra efforts!

Feng-fu point


To stimulate the point of feng-fu very easy: You just need to apply a piece of ice to the area indicated in the figure. This place is located inside the cavity between the tendons of the neck, about 3 cm above the border of the scalp.

Here the head and neck converge. Ice in this area should be kept for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure once every 3 days - according to the knowledge of Chinese acupuncture is the optimal interval. For better effect it is recommended to do it on an empty stomach.

Feng-fu point

Why is it necessary to apply ice? He will create a temperature drop that stimulates the flow of blood into the brain. The area of ​​connection of the head and neck is amazing, there are centers that are responsible for breathing and blood supply of the body.

With a simple procedure, you can cure a number ofDiseases and strengthen the body as a whole. Diseases of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system, thyroid dysfunction, obesity and underweight, Vegetative vascular dystonia, Hypotension and hypertension - all this can be erased from your life by stimulating the point of feng-fu.

There is one more secret. this The most vulnerable place On our body. Chinese samurais used this knowledge and inflicted injuries on their enemies incompatible with life. But there is another side: the lack of bone that protects the brain makes this zone the possessor of exceptional healing properties. Try and see how it works!

The impact on the point of feng-fu will return to your body a normal physiological state. Share secret knowledge Chinese Acupuncture With loved ones!