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The truth about medicines

Disorderly sale of medicines has becomeAlready familiar. Advertising medical products does its job, because very often people buy at the pharmacy another health guarantor, not even suspecting that this medicine is completely useless.

Medicine has become commercial, taking advantage of the chance to cash in on people who dream of being healthy, beautiful and live as long as possible.

This dream is quite natural and understandable, but it is necessary to approach it from the very opposite side, considers Doctor of butchers.

Doctor of butchers

The truth about medicines

Alexander the butchers, the ex-head physician of the KremlinHospital, became known for his numerous performances on radio and television. His book "How to live longer than 50 years" dispels all the illusions about the various medications: no matter how sad it is to admit, one's pills can not correct health.

Some drugs are even harmful, some are notHave no curative effect, but they are quite expensive. Medical products are business! It is worth remembering this to everyone who goes to see a doctor or makes another raid on a pharmacy.

Special attention in his book the doctor pays Immunomodulators, Which have now become extremely fashionable. Medicines that strengthen immunity are a myth.

If they worked, people with AIDS alreadyWould be cured long ago. You need to wisely approach any medical research - spend extra money better for a healthy diet or exercise, but to check the level of its immunity - it's nonsense.

The doctor of butchers bribes with his honesty, he is a rare example of a doctor who respects the oath of the hippocrates. How to boost immunity? With the help of drugs - no way!

Only a healthy lifestyle, the rejection of harmfulHabits and food, hardening and reducing the overall level of stress can create a miracle - to activate the defenses of the body. Neither an injection, nor a pill can do this!

Dr. House

A separate topic - Vegetovascular dystonia. This diagnosis is liked by everybody, because it covers a lot of common symptoms: heart palpitations, cold hands, dizziness, headache, insomnia ...

These are alarming indicators that may indicate serious illnesses. The doctor has no right to put such a simple diagnosis and hope that all violations in the work of the organism will disappear themselves.

Also the doctor should not prescribe the most common Antidepressants Without a good reason - trade in them goes through all the permissible limits. It's awful to understand that it's rather difficult to find a specialist who is not interested in making money on another's grief ...

If you have a friend of a sensible doctor - appreciateHim, do not lose contact with him. Honesty and decency are irreplaceable qualities for a doctor! Only such a person will treat you, not your wallet. Tell everyone about this article, because each of us is a potential patient.