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Exercise for rejuvenation

Sometimes I so want to get into the past. One could take advantage of lost chances, correct mistakes made, apologize ... but something I dreamed of. But all because of the theme of this material.

It turns out that with just one exercise you can make time go in the opposite direction. Not all over the world, of course, but in a separate organism.

It will be about the practice of yogis who use Gymnastics for rejuvenation. But the most interesting thing is that you've known this exercise since childhood ...

Exercise for rejuvenation

As always in talking about yoga will have to use not all clear words, but they will be few. So, in the special literature they write that the soma chakra is in the upper part of the human forehead.

This chakra is very important, because it gives off a kind of lunar nectar, which spreads through the body to the solar plexus with energy flows. This nectar is a source of health and youth.

But in the region of the solar plexus is located Chkra manipura, Which this most nectar burns, which leads to aging.

From the above, you can draw a simple conclusion. If you turn the body over, the nectar will not fall on the solar plexus and will accumulate in your head, which will save your youth and even help the development of special psychic abilities.

Provisions for the preservation of youth

  1. Rack on the shoulder blades ("birch").
  2. handstand.
  3. Stand on the head.

The greatest effect can be achieved by performing all these asanas (positions), but the stances on the hands and head can lead to injuries, especially for inexperienced people. Therefore, one "birch" is enough.

There are two ways to perform this exercise. One is called sarvangasana and a simpler version is the viparita-karani.



The main thing is that after performing it is necessary to lower your legs behind your head, and then gently, the vertebra behind your vertebra, to sink back and relax a little.

Here's what they write about these exercises in the classical treatises:

Practice viparita-karani-mudra protects the skin from wilting, and hair from gray hair. Moreover, with its regular execution, the hair darkens even in completely gray people.

As for duration, here the figures range from 8 to 30 minutes per day. But all the authors agree that it is necessary to start from 1-2 minutes and gradually increase the time.

Turning your body, you remove the load fromCirculatory system. In this position they do not need to overcome gravity when the blood passes the lower part of the body. The brain receives more blood, like the thyroid gland, and the vessels of the feet rest.

In addition, this exercise makes the spine more flexible and improves the condition of the muscles of the upper body.

Limitations and contraindications

Do the exercise in the morning before breakfast. Exclude from the diet of alcohol and heavy food, otherwise the results will only worsen. Women do not need to exercise during the months and pregnancy. In case of illness, reduce the time of stay in sarvangasana to 1 minute, in the viparita-karani - up to 5 minutes.

And remember, if you can not relax in this situation, then you are doing something wrong or exceeding the time of classes. Do the exercise until the first feeling of discomfort.

Hope this simple exercise will help youLonger to preserve youth. At least in this position, you can think about the upcoming day. Tell this practice to your friends, improve your health together!