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What is useful for chicken liver

Henceforth disregard for offal- bad form. Having learned only about the tenth share of the useful qualities of an ordinary chicken liver, I immediately prepared it. In 20 minutes the most delicate dish is already like magic on the table!

It turns out, the best way Increase hemoglobin in the blood - use chicken liver, because it is soA lot of iron. One of the reasons why you can not lose weight with people with an impressive excess weight, is a lack of iron in the blood! In addition, the liver is low-calorie: only 137 calories per 100 g. Everyone who is on a diet is recommended to eat it.

Chicken liver stew

Than useful chicken liver

Before, I never cooked chicken liver,Somehow in the family she was not respected. But it was my cat's favorite product! He was overjoyed and looked pleased. Shiny mustaches, wool in excellent condition, agility and energy - all said that such food is good for him.

The value of chicken liver is great, because it is extremely Easy to digest, Quickly reinforcing the body with useful substances! Not in vain for patients in the postoperative period, with large losses of blood, it is recommended to use it.

Black cat with yellow eyes photo

Chicken liver - net benefit!! Vitamins a, c, c6 and b12, folic acidAre present in its composition. Copper, zinc, calcium, manganese, iron, chromium - trace elements, without which the body can not do, are also contained in this miracle product. Not food, but treatment!

Incredibly useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system is the liver: Heparin In its composition normalizes coagulability of the blood and is a good prevention of myocardial infarction. lysine - a substance that prevents the onset of atherosclerosis, is also here. Also, recent research by scientists suggests that the liver has anti-cancer properties.

Chicken liver with vegetables

Here's how you can Cook chicken liver quickly and deliciously!! Choosing a liver, pay attention to its smoothness, elasticity and shine. Never buy a light product with spots - it's a sign that the liver has been lying in the freezer for a long time!

Chicken liver should be prepared immediately andEat, do not leave it for tomorrow. The cooked dish must in no way be clearly bitter: this is a bad sign, indicating a poor-quality product.

Paste from chicken liver is also delicious, try to cook it. Share this information with your friends, maybe they underestimate the exceptional product!