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Causes of Acne

Technical progress continues its inexorableOffensive, and elementary problems people have not learned to solve. It seems that in ancient times mankind had more knowledge of how our body is arranged than now!

Following Ayurveda, We can say with full confidence thatThe causes of any problems with the skin are the incorrect operation of the internal organs. To look attractive, you need to monitor your health. This card, created according to Ayurvedic laws, will help you understand the causes of the appearance of unpleasant rashes. Knowing the reason, to fight the consequences is much easier!

Causes of acne

Pimples on the face

  1. Forehead: liver and gallbladder
    Disorders in the work of the nervous system,Prolonged stress, digestive problems and slow metabolism are the main reasons for the appearance of acne, including on the forehead. Be sure to monitor your diet, if this area you have - a problem. Exclude from the diet processed, sweet and fatty foods.
  2. At the left eyebrow
  3. Right eyebrow
    Nervous tension always causes malfunctions in theAn organism that manifests itself as a skin problem. Meditation, relaxing baths, herbal sedatives will benefit you. Do not forget that any experiences are not worth the eaten eggs in fact. Do everything that depends on you and tune into a positive.
  4. Eye zone: thyroid, joints, intestine
    Strange rashes in the eye area indicateProblems with thyroid. Changes in the color of the iris often occur due to degenerative processes in the joints. If the sclera is yellow, you must suffer from liver damage, which often causes skin problems.
  5. Area under the eyes: kidneys
    Rashes and swelling of the area under the eyes means a disturbance in the work of the kidneys. You need to add spices to your food, including sharp ones, and also very carefully chew everything that you eat.
    Rash map
  6. Cheeks: slow metabolism, lungs, intestines
    Pay attention to sports exercises, tryTo breathe correctly. If you smoke, give up this habit. Rashes on the cheeks may indicate a bad absorption of nutrients from the intestine, going to the doctor does not hurt accurately.
  7. Nose: heart and blood composition
    Problems with the skin in the nasal area arise ifHuman heart problems and blood pressure. You need to give up alcohol, coffee and spicy foods and be sure to add olive oil and avocados to the diet, and also nuts.
  8. Lips: intestine
    Rashes around the lips indicate problems withIntestines, in this case, drugs with lactobacilli help. If the lips are pale - this indicates anemia, you need to eat foods containing iron. Changes in the color of the lips along the edges indicate poor kidney function.
  9. Language: toxins
    Plaque on the tongue speaks about the accumulation of toxins in the body. Drink more water and eat natural products - a good way out of this situation.
  10. Chin: hormonal balance
    Violations of hormonal balance lead to rashes on the chin. Address to the doctor - the gynecologist or the urologist accordingly will solve your problem, having appointed or nominated suitable treatment.

Solve problems with the skin can, most importantly - to askThis goal and not be lazy. The doctor will always tell you the best way to get rid of diseases of internal organs, follow clear recommendations, and everything will be in order. Sometimes it is enough just to adjust the food, stop smoking and drink alcohol, and the skin condition improves significantly.

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