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How to improve hearing

deafness - the disease is serious, and it is not treatedLends itself. Severe cases of deafness make people unhappy, because with the help of sound you can learn so much about the world! A terrible phenomenon is congenital deafness, but even worse, when perfectly healthy people lose their hearing because of their carelessness and inattention to health.

hearing Can become dull during the cold, because ofCoryza. In this case, it is necessary to use the means that will relieve inflammation in the ear and cure temporary deafness. Sometimes, hearing becomes worse due to ignoring the rules of personal hygiene - you need to clean your ears, sulfur plugs - it's dangerous.

Another reason: aging, age takes with it a sharp hearing ... Follow the ears It is necessary if you want to live to an advanced age and at the same time it's good to hear.

How to improve hearing

Means for improving hearing

To hurry ears ethnoscience. Just a century ago these recipesWere used for the treatment of deafness, ear inflammation and various ear infections. And not without success! Get acquainted with the most effective means of hearing maintenance on the basis of natural substances.

Home remedies for good hearing

  1. Honey and cinnamon
    Mix honey and cinnamon in equal proportions. This mixture should be eaten daily, 3 tbsp. L. in a day. The remedy will strengthen the hearing and will stimulate the body to fight harmful bacteria.
  2. Red wine and green tea
    Red wine, as well as green tea, containsHigh amount of antioxidants. They protect the hairs in the inner ear. Their function is very important - it is a barrier to bacteria that can cause hearing loss. Include in your drinking regime tea more often, sometimes allow yourself to drink wine.
    Means for improving hearing
  3. garlic
    Garlic is considered universal in sicilyA cure for all diseases. To improve the hearing squeeze out the juice from several cloves of garlic, mix it in equal proportions with olive oil. Strain the oil through the gauze. The mixture should be dripped into the ears 2 times a day for 3-4 drops, after instillation it is necessary to cover the ears with a cotton swab.
  4. Red onion juice and garlic juice
    You can not imagine a stronger drink! Mix 30 ml of red onion juice and 30 ml of garlic juice. This vigorous mixture should be drunk several times a day. The result will be noticeable quickly, the hearing becomes sharper, the ears cease to inflame. All thanks to the amazing antibacterial properties of drinks!

Very useful also to do massage, If you feel discomfort in the ears. Rub out the auricle, the earlobes, the area behind the ears. Stroking and rubbing will help the ears to come into tonality after listening to too loud music or sharp unpleasant sounds. Remember that the hygiene of the ears is very important, do not neglect it. Then your hearing will be sharp until old age!

Everyone wants to hear well. Show your relatives this information, their ears will be grateful to you!