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Test for eyesight test

You probably already saw the picture you createdStudents of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a few years ago. On it the beautiful marilyn monroe turns into the genius Albert of Einstein. But I can bet you do not even guess what this changing image was created for. this optical illusion Simply conducts an express test of a person's vision. The usual gif-image helps to understand, whether the person needs vision check and glasses.

How to check vision

You can do it yourself now check your vision. Sowing in front of the monitor at a normal distance, you should see Albert Einstein. But if you go, he must turn into marilyn monroe.

eyesight check

When creating this picture, specialists Combined photos Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein. Photo physics consists of dense pixels, so you can see all the details on it: whiskers, wrinkles, etc. and the monroe image is more vague, since it is composed of fewer pixels, and as a result only common features are visible.

When the picture is enlarged, all the details becomeMore clearly, just as if you yourself approached her. If you have good vision, then as the image is enlarged, the image of marilyn is gradually transformed into Einstein. If marilyn does not change, you need to appear Oculist.

check your vision

This simple express test is very effective,Because in just a few seconds you will know whether you need glasses or exercises to improve your vision. Check the sight of your loved ones and tell your friends about this unusual eye test!