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How to remove the tick with a syringe

Mites - very dangerous parasites that lie in wait for us in nature and are carriers of serious diseases.

In folk medicine there are several well-known methods Extraction of ticks At home: twist the insect with thread or tweezers, or drop a little oil on it to get it out by itself.

Both these methods are fraught with danger, since there is a riskTo leave a tick in the mite inside and the probability of ejecting a large amount of poison by a parasite is great. Our editors have prepared for you another method that is used by the people.


How to remove a tick with a syringe

When you go on a hike, throw in the medicine cabinet syringe. If you get a tick tucked under your skin, and you're far from civilization, then this tool can save your life.

  1. Now, take the syringe.
  2. syringe

  3. Cut the top, it is desirable to do it smoothly.
  4. How to pull a mite photo

  5. It should turn out to be such an adaptation.
  6. Mite Photo

  7. Press it to the place where the mite climbed. To get a vacuum, you can grease the edges with cream.
  8. How to remove a tick

  9. Now pull the plunger of the syringe. The tick must come out on its own.
  10. How to remove a mite with a syringe

  11. With this method, poisonous substances, injected with a tick, also come out. It is advisable to apply a disinfectant to the place of introduction of the tick.
  12. In the same way, you can use a bottle or jar, having previously held it over a lighter or match.

The mite will come out, but there will be left on the skinA small hematoma. But it is better to get a bruise than to catch a dangerous disease. And even better - be careful and try to wear clothes that will not allow the mite to get to the skin!

And tell your friends about this method!