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How to remove the stomach

You already registered in the gym, went on a diet, notDinner after 18:00, and "the thing is still there," and the flat belly is still the object of your dreams? Just go to the mirror! All you need is to look carefully at your abdomen...

I do not like? And now study our article, find a suitable description and read how forever Get rid of the stomach, And together with it and from all their complexes!

How to clean the stomach?


One of the best specialists in the formation of a beautiful and slender body, James Dugian believes that in the world there is no universal recipe, How to make the stomach flat. According to the Dugian, a special approach is required for each of the five types of abdomen. So, let's figure it out together.

  1. Type "spare tire"

    This type of abdomen has people leading passive lifestyle, As well as those who are emotionally attached to sweets.

    If you find yourself passion for bakeryProducts, chocolate and sugar - you probably already own not only a belly with folds, but also full thighs. Fortunately, with such a belly to say goodbye is very simple: it is enough to correct the daily ration a little.


    Give up alcohol, semi-finished products, sugar, salt, preservatives. Forget about taste enhancers and low-calorie snacks. Remember: your Ration Should be only natural and usefulfood. Stop your choice on eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts. Meat can be consumed, but only homemade, no store "stuffed" chicken and pork.

    One rule the last rule is moreMove! If there is no possibility to study in the gym, walk around the park or embankment daily. And start, at last, to do exercises in the morning! Little advice: before at the end of a hard day pamper yourself with another piece of cake, attach it for a couple of seconds to your stomach and imagine that now your belly looks exactly like that!

  2. Type of "stress-tummy"

    If you are a perfectionist (you always have little or not how it should be), then, most likely, your belly looks exactly like that. As a rule, perfectionists suffer frequent Bloating. If you have such a stomach, the fat in it is concentrated in the navel area. Are you not completely sure that this is your type of abdomen? Feel it. "Stress-tummy" is always hard, not soft.

    If you eat irregularly and than horrible, drink more than two cups of coffee a day, lead a stormy lifestyle - your belly looks like this:


    First, get enough sleep! If a woman has little or no sleep, her body is disturbed by the production of a hormone responsible for appetite and metabolism. That is why there is a tendency to overeating or hunting to eat something sweet - this way the energy production is compensated.

    Start yoga, meditation, dailyBefore going to bed, take a hot bath with a couple of drops of essential oil of lemon balm or lavender. Drink no more than two cups of coffee a day and remember: heavy physical activity is not for you! Exhausting training in the gym is preferable to a leisurely walk around the city.

    Little advice: drink as much as possible mineral water and chamomile tea. This will help not only to calm down and relax, but also will allow to "start" Fat burning process.

  3. Type "little dog"

    Such a tummy appears, it would seem,Completely different people: hyper-caring mothers, desperate careerists or those who daily exhaust themselves in the gym. In this case, the cause is one for all - an excessive load of the back, because of which the abdominal muscles seem to fall forward.

    To get rid of such a stomach, you need to take the correct and balanced diet. Add to your diet fiber, bread withBran, vegetables and fruits. From squats while it is necessary to refrain: they not only will not help, but also will bend a backbone even more. Pick up for yourself several asanas from yoga to maintain the back muscles, this will help much more effectively than the loads in the gym.

    Little advice: take care of your stomach. Drink more liquid, eat fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, fish and chicken.

  4. Type "mumi-toummy"

    If your stomach is of this type, ratherTotal, you not so long ago gave birth to a baby. The abdomen is almost absent, but on it lie the huge fat folds? Do not worry: in 6-8 weeks your stomach will return the old form.

    According to James, the main mistake of all women in labor -Desire to run to the gym as quickly as possible. Give the body to rest and make a pause for two or three months. Let your body adapt itself!

    Nevertheless, healthy eating habits are betterkeep. Every day eat "good" fats: nuts, butter, olives. Even better, if during the meal you will accustom yourself to drink fish oil - so you will prolong not only health, but also youth. You are categorically opposed to squats. Otherwise, you will earn Stretch marks.

    Little advice: train yourself to sleep during the day. Before going to bed in the evening, you can do a little stretching.

  5. Type "tummy-cloud"

    If you regularly suffer from bloating, then you stomach upset, Which in 99% of cases is caused by food intolerance or allergy. If you have this chronic - it's time to diversify your diet!

    First of all, give up wheat and gluten(Bread, pasta, confectionery, pizza, cakes and cereals). Alcoholic drinks, yeast (beer, cakes, pastries) and milk (cheese, milk, butter) can also cause bloating. Try to eat more meat, fish, eggs and raw vegetables. Learn to finally eat breakfast, as well as thoroughly chew food and drink more liquid.

    Little advice: the best thing you can do for your belly is to love breathing exercises. Every morning lie on your back, tryCompletely relax and begin to breathe deeply belly (and not breast!). Do at least ten breaths and ten expirations at a time - and soon you will not recognize your reflection in the mirror.

Has she already determined her type of abdomen? Then you just have to try our advice and report the results.

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