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Harm of cold water

That the water has various properties, everyone knows. But only a few on these properties have made a fortune.

Do you want to know what is at stake? Then rather read our article. Probably, soon you will also add to the list of the richest people on the planet.

Cold water damage

In the distant 1969, Soviet radiologistsUnexpectedly discovered an unusual property of cold water, thanks to which the owners of fast food with a world name made their fortunes. The whole point is that for certain studies, radiologists wanted to keep the barium porridge in the stomach for a certain amount of time.

As it turned out, the cold porridge left her stomachFaster than the experts managed to adjust their not so perfect equipment. Interested in this fact, scientists began to conduct numerous studies, during which it was found that if you drink cold drinks (ice water or soda with ice), the time of food stay in the stomach is reduced from 4-5 hours to 20 minutes!

In other words, if you drink cold water, then the food in the stomach for a long time does not linger. And this Threatens obesity (Food can not be saturated), a constant sense of hunger and the development of putrefactive processes in the stomach due to a lack of normal digestion.


It is noteworthy that he built his own business on thisThe famous "McDonald's". When a person drinks down food (sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseburgers) with ice drinks, the feeling of saturation does not come, which means that the client will come again.

You probably noticed that on hot drinksSuch as tea, coffee or cappuccino in"Makdonaldse" set a fairly high price, they are never included in complex kits and even rarely advertised. But the ice fantasy or cola are relatively cheap, constantly imposed by posters, advertising, always enter into Complex lunches.

Now you know that drinking any coldDrink after eating causes a huge strain on the intestines. Food quickly leaves the stomach, and the entire protein component remains in the intestines and begins to rot. In this case, you can get intestinal inflammatory diseases and dysbacteriosis.

One of the most common myths about the coldWater - it quenches thirst. However, physiologists think otherwise: cold water requires much more time to be absorbed by the body, because for this it must warm up in the stomach to body temperature.

It is noteworthy that Ayurveda also opposes the reception of water (especially cold!) Before, during and after a meal, as this is stewed by the agni (the fire of digestion).

So, the conclusion is: Do not drink cold drinks before or after eating. Ideally, the entire liquid should be at room temperature. This rule applies to ice cream: if it is cold immediately after eating - food will quickly leave the stomach, and the protein component will remain undigested. Did you like the article? Share it with your friends. To lead a healthy lifestyle is so simple!