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Cleansing the lungs and prolonging life

In the records of ancient Indian doctors was foundAn interesting technique for purifying the body. As you know, the food begins to be digested already in the oral cavity, where the salivary glands are located. They release the metabolic products contained in the blood.

Saliva has an alkaline reaction. When sucking or chewing, the volume of blood flowing through the salivary glands increases sixfold. The entire energy of a person and all blood passing through a given "filter" is run, and Body cleaning.

All toxins and harmful substances from the body canSoak the oil. The procedure with the use of oil helps to improve metabolism, strengthen immunity, relieves radiculitis, meningitis, pharyngitis, chronic diseases of the stomach and liver, and is also conducted as a preventive measure. Earlier believed that this technique can prolong life.

How to clean lungs

First you need to do the procedure Cleansing the body (1-2 weeks), only then you can go to the cleaning of the lungs.

Body cleansing

  1. In the morning on an empty stomach, put sunflower oil in your mouth (you can sesame or ghee, if you can get it).
  2. Rinse the mouth with oil for 24 minutes. Why exactly 24? There are 4 elements, each time you need to clean up for 6 minutes.
  3. Spit and rinse your mouth with a decoction of chamomile or sage.


Then you can proceed Purification of the lungs.

Cleaning of the lungs

  1. In the morning on an empty stomach take a tablespoon of oil in the mouth and concentrate it in the front of the mouth. You can not swallow butter.
  2. Then take a light breath for 7 seconds through the nose, while the mouth should be closed. Do it very carefully so that the oil does not get into the respiratory tract.
  3. Hold your breath for five seconds, at this very moment the oil gets into the blood, while absorbing unnecessary substances, removing from the cells all harmful and unnecessary.
  4. Exhale for 10 seconds through a slightly open mouth. To do this, raise your head slightly so that oil does not spill.
  5. Repeat the entire process for 24 minutes. After the cleaning of the lungs, the oil must be spit out.

If you will lead a healthy lifestyle and do this procedure, then no diseases will not be terrible to you.

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