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Japanese morning banana diet

Recently one Japanese doctor, Hitoshi Watanabe(Hitoshi watanabe), shared with the public his own experience of losing weight. He told the world about the morning banana diet, which has already sat down all of America.

Why this diet has become so popular? Watanabe says that for weight loss, you just need to replace the usual breakfast with bananas with warm water. But is everything so simple?

Hitoshi Watanabe says that the combination of bananas with water at room temperature leads to Acceleration of metabolism, So a person who adheres to a banana diet can eat anything for lunch and dinner, and he will still lose weight.

Plus everything, in unripe bananas is containedA lot of stable starch, because of which we feel full. As a result, the process of fat burning is more intensive. Well, water at room temperature Improves digestion And reduces the feeling of hunger.


Japanese diet

  1. You need to go to bed every night until 12 o'clock in the morning.
  2. In no case be overeated.
  3. Exclude dairy products and alcohol.
  4. Physical loading is optional, only if desired.
  5. The only permitted drink is water.

Diet menu

breakfast: One or more unripe bananas and a glass of water at room temperature.

dinner: On your own.

snack: A light snack is allowed, preferably - a favorite fruit.

dinner: On your own. It is important not to eat after 20:00 and to exclude desserts.

Advantages of the Japanese diet

  • Increase metabolism and reduce the likelihood of overeating during the day;
  • Exclusion of caffeine from the diet contributes to the normalization of blood glucose levels and a decrease in appetite;
  • Early dinner breaks off late snacking and limits consumption of excess calories;
  • The exclusion of dairy products and desserts (at the time) restricts fats and sugar;
  • Bananas - rich in vitamins and minerals fruit.

Cons of the Japanese diet

  • Some people do not very well perceive pure carbohydrates (especially those who have hypoglycemia);
  • Optional physical activity.

If you have been trying to get rid ofExcess weight, but nothing works, you should try this diet. Here are not afraid of failures, because you practically do not have to do anything! Just need to eat a delicious fruit in the morning!