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Exercises for the back and spine

The phrase "intervertebral hernia" on hearing in our days. To understand what this definition means, one must turn to anatomy. Intervertebral discs - this is a kind of pads between the vertebrae, they depend on the mobility, flexibility and strength of the spine.

intervertebral hernia

A hard shell (fibrous ring) and a semi-liquid pulpous core - that's what each disc consists of. Sometimes one careless motion is enough to break the fibrous ring.

Through a rupture or crack, liquid from the nucleus flows, pinching the nerve endings of the spinal cord. The disk itself from pressing the vertebrae, like a balloon, protrudes. This is how Herniation of the intervertebral disc.

intervertebral hernia

Shamil Alautdinov, Faced at the age of 30 with seriousDisease of the spine, did not lower his hands and took up his health. So formed a set of exercises that literally put this man on his feet (although doctors already considered him disabled).

Shamil Alautdinov

Exercises for the back and spine

Intervertebral hernia is characterized not onlyPain in the back, and the emergence of a number of other symptoms seemingly unrelated to the spine: headaches, problems with the stomach, kidneys, liver.

intervertebral hernia

To clear a hernia Can be done in two ways: Through surgical intervention or with the help of special exercises. In detail having studied the structure of the spine and the nature of the appearance of the intervertebral hernia, Shamil Alautdin chose the second method.

Remove the intervertebral hernia

Watch a video in which a famous religious figure talks about his healing and shows Exercises for the treatment of intervertebral hernia.

It should be said that this method of treatment is strictly individual, therefore, before starting any physical exercises, people with a sick spine are required to consult a doctor!

Remember, a flexible spine - a healthy spine! a Exercises for the spine from Shamil Alautdinova - The best prevention of osteochondrosis, hernia and various kinds of displacements. These exercises perfectly strengthen the muscular corset and stretch the intervertebral joints.

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