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What are toxins?

Toxins are a fairly new word, but very popular. Despite the fact that this term is widely spoken, very few people know its exact definition. basically, Toxins In the minds of people - this is something abstract and does not concern them at all. You are surprised, but the toxins surround us everywhere!

It is a poison that is not only formed insideOrganism, but also comes from the environment. Air, food and water are filled with toxins, and when a lot of them accumulate in the body, a person falls ill. If you go into this question, you can learn a few amazing facts ...


Harm toxins in the body

Toxins have always existed, and forFor many millennia, living organisms have adapted to life under extreme conditions. The problem of the modern world is that we have polluted the environment too much, that is why the toxins of the new generation appeared - Xenobiotics. To them we are not yet adjusted, we do not know how to deal with them, and therefore a huge number of incurable diseases arise.

If you have strong immunity and all body systems work together, Toxins are derived no problem. A very large amount of harmful substances leaves the body together with sweat, for example. But as soon as something fails and toxins can not be excreted, health problems begin. Where it is delicate, there it breaks down - destructive poisons accumulate in the most vulnerable places, causing even such a terrible disease as cancer.


In medicine define 6 stages of slaggingThe first three - not terrible, even with serious poisoning by toxins, man himself is able to bring his body in order. For this you need only to cleanse the body, starve, stop eating foods with preservatives and flavorings or move to an environmentally clean area.

Toxins Everywhere, from them not to hide anywhere! These pernicious substances filled our lives. But each of us can take care of his body by stopping eating harmful food. Take into account that you can not buy health for any money ... remind your friends about it.