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Therapeutic starvation

Incurable diseases does not exist! A bold assertion with which one can argue, but ... do you know that every three years the cells of the human body are completely renewed? This gives hope for the elimination of any diseases, because in this situation all diseased cells of the body can be successfully replaced with healthy ones.

It is not so difficult as it seems! You just need to change your diet and Lifestyle, In order to radically renew the whole organism andMake it function properly. Unfortunately, traditional medicine does not advocate such an approach, preferring only to heal the alarming symptoms of illnesses, and does not care about the integrated health of the whole body. But there is another way!

Curative fasting

Urgent help to the body for any diseaseIs to speed up the process of updating cells. The best way for this is starvation! Due to a deficiency of nutrients the body is completely cleared, directing its internal reserves not to digest food, but to remove toxins and toxins. After cleansing the cells begin to work better and be replaced more quickly with new ones. There are cases when correctly performed starvation even cancer won.

During an illness a person's appetite is lost, so conceived by nature. This is a natural mechanism of salvation from pathogens that feed on dead tissues of the body. starvation Eliminates excess fat, dead cells, and yet - the most flawed and weak living. This is his miraculous effect on the body.

There are many methods of fasting, the most popular is described Bragg field. Of course, as with any method of treatment, fasting should be approached with the mind - start small and act gradually.

Of course, you need to start with one-day fasting. Maybe poor health at the first attempts, because Accumulated toxins Will be very actively displayed. Dry mouth, dizziness, weakness - similar symptoms occur during poisoning. But if you drink a lot of water and persistently endure this condition, the efforts will be rewarded a hundredfold. You will not only become healthier, the mind will also be cleansed - when toxins are removed from the body, the brain also begins to work better! Not for nothing they say that the fed belly to the science is deaf ...

Having decided on starvation, be sure to read the relevant literature on this magical method Health improvement. It will help you to do everything right,Most effectively for yourself. Periodic fasting strengthens immunity and helps maintain the balance of all substances in the body, a small weight loss is another bonus of curative fasting.

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