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25 poisonous houseplants

Plants in the house - it's not only beautiful, but alsoUseful, because they purify the air in the room and produce the necessary oxygen. But, unfortunately, not all plants bring only good to man. Many plants, including indoor plants, are capable of damaging a person or even killing him.

That you or members of your family do not become victims of dangerous indoor plants, "so simple!" Prepared for you a list of 25 species that should be feared and be extremely cautious with them! The main precaution, if you have in your house similar Dangerous plants, - they should be placed away from small children and pets, and they should be looked after only with rubber gloves.

Poisonous houseplants

Poisonous houseplants

  1. Ivy evergreen
    This plant poisonous berries and leaves. Consequences - delirium, cardiac arrest.
  2. Rhododendron simsa
    All parts of the rhododendron are poisonous, it can cause seizures.
  3. Boxwood evergreen
    This plant is completely poisonous, but its leaves are a particular danger. The result may be convulsions or cardiac arrest.
  4. broom
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, and poisoning can end fatal.
  5. Trichocereous
    This plant is poisonous to all parts. The result can be paralysis cns.
  6. Cyclamen Persian
    The most poisonous parts are seeds and roots. There may be cramps.
  7. Dope
    All parts of the plant are poisonous. Consequences - paralysis of the respiratory tract, coma, death.
  8. Diffenbachia
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, but seeds are the most dangerous. And the consequence may be paralysis.
  9. Dioscorea
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, especially tubers. Threatens to stop breathing and death.
  10. Brunfelsia
    This plant is completely poisonous, roots are especially dangerous. Causes a halt in breathing.
  11. Autumn autumnal
    The whole plant is poisonous, especially the corms. The result can be a lesion of CNS, paralysis.
  12. Adenium fat
    This plant is poisonous with milky juice. The consequences are food poisoning.
  13. Garnet
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, except for its fruits. Causes gastric bleeding, convulsions, collapse.
  14. Cotyledon rounded
    The whole plant is poisonous, the leaves are the most poisonous. Causes seizures and paralysis.
  15. Oleander ordinary
    All parts of the plant are poisonous. In one leaf of oleander contains a dose of poison, lethal to humans. Threatens to stop breathing, convulsions.
  16. Castor-oil
    The seeds are the most poisonous, and they can cause bloody diarrhea and even death.
  17. Passionflora corporal
    The whole plant is poisonous, except for the fruit. Causes paralysis.
  18. Pachypodium lamer
    The whole plant is poisonous. And causes it cramps, stopping breathing.
  19. Amaryllis belladonna
    Especially poisonous bulbs, the natives use this plant as a poison for arrows.
  20. Clypea
    Poisonous leaves, can cause collapse.
  21. Venous syromatum
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, cause paralysis.
  22. Jatropha gouty
    The whole plant is poisonous, the consequence can be a collapse.
  23. Spindle japanese
    All parts of the plant are poisonous. Poison causes convulsions and paralysis.
  24. Aglaonema changeable
    The whole plant is poisonous. Affects tsns.
  25. Glorious luxury
    All parts of the plant are poisonous, especially tubers. Poison causes seizures, can cause a stop of breathing.

And this is not a theory, here are some examples from life that will prove to you that these plants, although very beautiful, but at the same time are extremely dangerous to humans!

Once a young guy climbed up to open the window inHouse of parents, and on this window grew a cactus that looked like trichocereus. Because of negligence, the young man could not keep his balance and fell from his chair, breaking the aforementioned cactus with his elbow joint. The hand of the guy swelled up to the shoulder and ceased to obey for two months.

In 2012 in Khakassia there was an accident with the child. The baby poisoned himself by swallowing the leaves Dangerous houseplant - diffenbachia. He was taken to the hospital with severe swelling of mucous tissues.

One more kid poisoned in IrkutskLeaves of diffenbachia. The child was made fsg (fibrogastroscopy). As a result, the doctors found extensive burns of the esophagus and stomach, that is, the child swallowed this plant completely.

Do not compromise the lives of your loved ones, especiallyIf you have small children. Carefully select plants for children's rooms, so that your child is not in danger, or better yet - try to get rid of these Hazardous plants And do not buy them, so you will definitely protect your family!