/ How to relieve pain with radiculitis

How to relieve pain with radiculitis

The victim of sciatica is a sadA spectacle. This unpleasant disease affects the nerve endings, causing inflammation, pain, and sometimes restricts the motor activity of certain parts of the body. A person with an attack of radiculitis is vulnerable and helpless, immersed in his sufferings, and painkillers along with warming ointments bring only little relief.

another thing - physiotherapy, Which is usually too lazy to perform. And in fact it acts directly on the cause of radiculitis - straightens the spine, makes the intervertebral disks move, reduces the manifestations of osteochondrosis and does many other wonderful things. Most importantly - charging with radiculitis relieves pain!

These 4 exercises will save you from exacerbations of radiculitis, help to remove aching and even acute pain. Remember them and perform them regularly, because prevention is more important than treatment in a critical situation!

Gymnastics for pain relief with radiculitis

  1. Cross-stretching
    Lie on your back, bend your legs in your lap. Put your right ankle on your left knee and pull your left hip to your chest. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Change your foot.
  2. Cross-stretching

  3. Stretch of hip
    Keep your right leg straight, left bend in the knee and put it over your right foot. Keep your back straight. Hug your left knee and stay in this position for a minute. Change your foot.
  4. Stretch of hip

  5. Pose of the dove
    Push the right knee forward and turn it to the right. Keep your left leg right behind you. Stay in this position for 10 deep breaths and change your leg.
  6. Pose of the dove

  7. Massage with a tennis ball
    Find the most painful point on your back. Put a tennis ball on the floor so that you can lie on it with a sore spot. Focus on the problem point and lie down all the weight on the ball, in circular movements rolling it on the back. This massage is very effective in acute pain and can be performed for about a minute, moving from one point to another.
  8. Massage with a tennis ball

Lumbosacral radiculitis - Real punishment! To avoid this and other types of radiculitis, you need to monitor the condition of the muscles of the back, keep them in tone, exercise.

Obesity is often Cause of sciatica, So maintaining your weight in the norm will also not be superfluous. But if this terrible disease overtook you, do not despair!

The one who exercises is not hopeless. You can not only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but also cure it with only elementary motor activity! Provide this important information to your friends.