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One-day fasting

Some people feel that they are Day without food - this is some kind of trick, which also has a harmful effect on health.

But in fact everything is exactly the opposite: fasting can strengthen immunity, reduce the size of the stomach, cleanse and Rejuvenate the body. But, as in any important matter, one can not do without preparation. How to properly start a hunger strike and how to get out of it correctly, we will tell in our article.

One-day fasting

  1. preparation
    Any important business begins with preparation. If you are going to feel the healing properties of starvation for the first time, remember: the main thing here is the mood.

    For a whole week, mentally prepare for the upcoming event. Define the date in advance and plan your affairs so that nothing can stop you on this day.

    At every meal try to think aboutUpcoming event and at least keep your involuntary appetite growing from such thoughts. Convince all their loved ones of the necessity and usefulness of this step, at least from the standpoint of a healthy lifestyle.

    This will not only give you strength and confidence in your decision, but also accumulate the positive energy necessary to implement your plan.

  2. starvation

  3. Day before starvation
    This day is really very important. Try not to drink alcohol, do not eat much at night, do not abuse salty foods. Because the next 24 hours you have to do without food, you will have a lot of free time.

    So that it does not become an unpleasant surprise, try to find yourself classes or plan them in advance. Ideally - let it be business in the open air, in the country, in the forest, but you can spend this day at home.

  4. starvation
    It is not necessary to arrange the first fasting in the workingday. There is a risk that unnecessary attention will not only damage the business, but also bring problems in the form of various unpleasant sensations (headaches, dizziness, weakness, bad mood, smell from the mouth). It can ruin your relationships with others and make it harder to starve yourself. For the first time it's better to choose a day off.

    This day, try to drink more ordinary water withoutAny additives. If you are very much attached to food and you simply can not physically survive this day, add a little honey - a teaspoon to a glass of water. Very good on the day of fasting do Cleansing enema, Practice deep breathing, water procedures, perform yoga asanas or just physical exercises. Most importantly, do not overexert yourself.

    End the starvation in the evening, take a shower andHave supper. Remember: dinner should be easy - salad and tea. If you feel easy, you can reschedule your meal for tomorrow morning. Thus, you will already have a 36-hour fast.

  5. Day after fasting
    The next day, eat as usual, butTry to avoid overeating. If in the morning hunger does not come and you feel fine, you can put off the meal until the evening (48 hours without food) or until the next morning (2-day fasting).
  6. Getting out of starvation
    Yes, yes, you also have to be able to get out of this state. Remember: never interrupt starvation products of animal origin: meat, cheese, fish; Do not eat nuts or seeds.

    Within 2 days abstain from acidic food. Give preference to greens, boiled vegetables, salads from grated carrots and cabbage, which purify the intestines. Drink plenty of clean water.

  7. conclusion
    Fasting every week is beneficial not only to health, but also changes attitudes towards the world.

    Of course, if you practice this for the first time, thenIt is worth waiting for an instant result. The most significant changes in consciousness, energy and health occur when mastering long periods of fasting. Practice, and you will succeed!

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