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Causes of breast cancer

Breast cancer - a terrible dream of any woman. The exact causes of cancer of any kind are not known to the end, but it is established that this terrible disease is provoked by a complex of harmful factors - a bad ecology, an incorrect way of life, weakened immunity and a prolonged stay in a state of stress.

As the cancer arises with a greater probability in those people whose organism Overflowing with toxins. It is clearly visible on the example of breast cancer: It is a poor circulation of lymph, slagging and constant poisoning with toxins are often observed in women who have cancer. You will be surprised when you find out that ordinary, everyday things can bring you closer to cancer. Do everything to protect yourself!

Causes of breast cancer

In the risk zone are women who

  1. Use antiperspirants with aluminum
    Aluminum has the property of accumulating in the bodyAnd poison him! In addition, the blocking of pores is very harmful - sweat is not excreted, and with it no harmful substances that contribute to the appearance of cancer. Sweat glands are located next to the chest, and accumulated toxins are often collected in the lymph nodes located near the breast.

    These facts do not mean at all what is neededTo abandon the use of hygiene products! But instead of the usual advertised products, choose antiperspirants and deodorants made from natural ingredients that do not contain aluminum and parabens. Such funds do not block the work of the sweat glands and are harmless to you.

  2. Wear an incorrectly matched bra
    If you choose a bra only on the aestheticCriterion, this is fundamentally wrong. It should be not only beautiful, but also convenient, nowhere to pinch anything. Close bras violate the outflow of lymph and promote the accumulation of carcinogens in the chest. Limit the time of wearing bras push-up - they can not be worn every day. Never sleep in a bra and try not to walk in it all day, at least change clothes at home in more comfortable underwear.
    Breast cancer

insomnia - a harmful factor that affects the development of cancer. During sleep, the hormone melatonin is produced, which also possesses anti-cancer properties. Women who are constantly nedosypaet, often become victims of the disease. Sleep enough time, this is important!

Oddly enough, smoking and other bad habitsFollow further down the list - in the first place the main causes of breast cancer are still toxic deodorants and inhuman bras. Watch yourself smart, beauty without health costs nothing! Draw your friends' attention to this article, cancer is possible to win!