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Time of digestion of food

You have already signed up for the gym, bought a dumbbell, do not eat dinner after 18:00, and the extra kilograms stubbornly do not want to leave you? Perhaps, it's all about nutrition! of course, Food digestion time - the indicator is purely individual and depends not only on the amount eaten, but also on the characteristics of the organism.

However, if you develop a useful habit not to eat, while the food is still being digested, you can not only reduce the size of the stomach, but get a useful habit Do not overeat.

How much food is digested

How much food is digested

Little advice: Try not to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime. Then a full rest you will get not only you, but also your stomach. Did you like the article? Tell your friends how to lose weight by using our tips. Make up your menu, based on this method, and excess weight will leave you once and for all!