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Salt dressings

Saline solution is the strongest antiseptic. This became known during the Second World War. When doctors did not have enough drugs and disinfectants, the saline solution was successfully used to treat serious wounds.

and. and. Goldfish, a surgeon who was the first to use a salt dressing for Treatment Wounded soldiers. A large napkin moistened in hypertonic saline solution was applied to extensive wounds, and after a couple of days they were transformed: they became clean and tightened with a new connective tissue.

Salt has Absorbing action, Pulling all pathogens from theDamaged tissues. Also, salt promotes healing and rapid cell regeneration. And these amazing properties of salt can be used to treat a variety of diseases!

Salt dressings

Salt dressings

Saline helps to cure cholecystitis,Nephritis, chronic appendicitis, inflammatory processes in the lungs, articular rheumatism, osteomyelitis, complications arising after allergic reactions, abscesses and bruises. With the help of salt dressings, you can Treat cough - it is enough to put a bandage on your back, and after a few hours the patient's condition will improve.

Runny nose, headaches and bronchitis pass if you apply salt bandages on the head, nose and neck area. Cases are known Healing From cancer using this method: skin and breast cancer was carried out in patients who used miraculous salt for their own benefit.

Salt dressings

The saline solution can be used in a bandage, but in no case in a compress. To prepare a salt solution, put in 1 liter of water 90 g of table salt - about 3 tbsp. Spoons. Stir the mixture thoroughly. You will get a 9-percent saline solution. Take 8 layers of cotton gauze, drain some of the solution, soak gauze on them. Put a gauze on the problem zone, bandage it from above. It is best to do such bandages at night.

Salt dressing draws from the body Toxins And kills various Infections. Acting locally, it effectively absorbsFluid from the subcutaneous layer and deeper tissue layers, removing microbes, viruses and other pathogens. During the action of the bandage, tissues are renewed, blood circulation and lymph drainage are improved. So you can eliminate almost any disease!

Share with your loved ones this proven tool. Pharmacists are not profitable advertising such methods of treatment, but this does not mean that they do not work!