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Exercises from back pain

To anyone who has ever experienced Back pain, Do not need to explain for a long time how much this unpleasant sensation. I want to lie down, stand up, warm up, remember the school lessons of physical education ... if only this pain receded.

In the risk group are cashiers, teachers, officeWorkers, pregnant women and those who lead a sedentary or sedentary lifestyle. And with the advent of the computer of this scourge even children are exposed. So that Protect From pain and discomfort, it is enough to perform simple exercises. Print out our tips and hang it in a prominent place or near the desktop. Let colleagues join!

Exercises for back pain

Exercise with pain in the upper back

  1. Standing facing the wall, put your hands on it and stretch the muscles of your back and chest.
  2. In the sitting position, fold and unbend the thorax.
  3. In the sitting position, reduce and dilute scapula.
  4. Standing facing the wall, make sliding movements on her surface with your hands.
  5. Sitting on the floor, do inclined forward movements, stretching the muscles of the chest.
  6. In the supine position, raise your arms to the sides and up.
  7. In the sitting position, do the rowing movements with your hands.

Exercises for back pain

Exercise with low back pain

  1. In a standing position, throw your foot on a high surface and stretch the tendon of the knee joint.
  2. Standing on all fours, bend and arch your back.
  3. In the supine position (knees bent, arms behind the head), lift and lower the pelvis.
  4. In the prone position, press the legs to the chest and toss the leg. Pressing them to yourself, you stretch pear-shaped muscles. Change your foot and repeat the exercise.
  5. In the prone position, press the legs to the chest and clasp their hands under the knee.
  6. Lying on his back, do turn turns of the torso.
  7. Lying on his back, bend his legs in the knees, raise and lower the body.
  8. Standing on all fours, alternately raise your hands and feet.

Exercises for the back

To reduce the pain and even get rid of the pain in the back - it's easy. It is enough to perform all or several exercises to choose from during the working day.

Use any time off work with benefit for your body. Share this article with your friends, take care of their health!