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13 Ways to Stop Sugar

Sugar has become so familiar to us that we do not even notice its daily consumption. Coffee with chocolate, tea with pechenyushkoy, ice cream, compote, kvass ... it seems, without Sweets No longer live. If you belong to those who do not think their life without sugar in any of its manifestations, it's time to reconsider your values.

In this article, we will tell you not only about the harm of "sweet death" (it sounds frightening, right?), But also about how, How to get rid of sugar dependence. Read, it will not be boring!

Harm of sugar


  • Causes caries;
  • Suppresses the immune system;
  • Increases the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease;
  • Reduces the release of growth hormone, which accelerates the aging process;
  • Does not bring the feeling of saturation - after one croissant or chocolate slices you still want it, and this is fraught with not only excess weight, but also problems with the stomach.

Surprisingly, the dependence on sugar is akinDrug addiction. If you are hard to overcome the temptation and for a couple of days to abandon the sweet - it's time to sound the alarm. Now we will tell you about simple and safe methods for health, which will help to easily abandon sugar.

How to give up sugar

coffee with sugar

  1. Eat regularly
    If you have a big break between meals - the blood drops in the blood sugar, comes a feeling of hunger, I want sweet snacks. in order to Maintain a normal sugar level, It is enough to adhere to a fractional diet or eat three meals a day + do two snacks.

    Be sure to have breakfast, include more protein in your diet (dairy products, cereals), fats (nuts, olive oil), fruits and vegetables.

  2. Clean the body of toxins
    If we hold Detoxification, The craving for sweets will decrease as if by itself.
  3. Control your emotions
    For sure you have often noticed that the badMood, anxiety or stress involuntarily direct your legs towards the refrigerator. If you are one of those who like to "jam" their problems - urgently raise your spirits and look for a way to escape from obsessive thoughts: to meet friends, take your favorite hobby, take a walk in the park. If you do your favorite thing, the desire to eat sweets is lost for a long time.
  4. Reduce the amount of sugar-containing foods in the refrigerator
    Be sure to read the labels before you buy and put in a refrigerator this or that product. It may turn out that the most harmless at first glance the product contains a huge amount of sugar!
  5. Saturate the body with minerals
    The lack of minerals such as chromium, vanadium,Magnesium and zinc, can increase the craving for something sweet. Include in your diet products such as asparagus, cheese, bran, beans, almonds, mushrooms, oatmeal and wine.
  6. Sleep well
    Those who are going to maintain a healthy weight andGive up sugar, lack of sleep is categorically contraindicated. Fatigue not only makes people hungry, but also forces you to consume hundreds of more calories.
  7. Watch out for sugar substitutes
    Unfortunately, such "healthy sweets" like honey, maple syrup or molasses, in the body, too, turn into sugar. It is best to use stevia, although many of her taste seems specific.
  8. Do not abuse dried fruits
    No one argues that dried fruit is much moreA healthy snack option than a cake. However, one should also be careful here: they also contain a lot of sugar. Watch out for the amount of dried fruits eaten or replace them with fresh fruits.
  9. Do not keep sweet foods at home or in the office
    Do not buy harmful sugary products(Cookies, chips, candy, ice cream) for future use. If you really want to eat something harmful, then do it away from home. Do not let harmful products pass through the door.
  10. Eat more vegetables
    Vegetables are rich in such useful substances asVitamins and fiber, which improve digestion, remove toxins and toxins from the body, promote weight normalization. Do you want to eat a carrot instead of a cupcake? It's time!
  11. Drink 2 liters of water per day
    Adults are recommended to drink at least 2A liter of clean water without gas per day. Just a few sips - and the body improves metabolic processes, burned extra calories, disappears the feeling of hunger. Try at least for a while to give up such familiar drinks as soda, coffee, tea and alcohol, in favor of clean water, and in a couple of days you will feel the result!
  12. Add cinnamon
    Cinnamon reduces the desire to eat sweets, improves insulin function in cells and helps maintain blood sugar (see point 1).
  13. Use l-glutamine
    L-glutamine is an amino acid thatIs produced by our body and, in fact, is the building material for muscles. Thanks to this component, the level of sugar in the blood levels and the craving for sweets is leveled. Taking just one capsule under the tongue between meals can be the first step on the way to giving up sweets.

If you follow our recommendations, the dependence on sugar will take about a month. You will feel a pleasant surge of strength, get rid of Excess weight, Improve the condition of the skin, you will become not only healthier, but also happier.

Tell your friends about the benefits and Ways of giving up sugar. Healthy and slender to be easy!