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Causes of pain

pain - An alarming signal to the body that somethingIt is not so. If you have aching parts of the body for no apparent reason, but there are no diseases and injuries, most likely the problem is the psychosomatic reaction of the body to what is happening in your life.

Psychosomatics is a science that deals withThe study of the relationship between the human psyche and the physiological processes taking place in the body. When the psyche suffers, the whole body reacts sharply to this not only by illnesses, but also by pain of a different nature. Find out why this or that body is bothering you, and figure it out. The human body is an amazing system in which everything is connected ...

Causes of pain

  1. headache
    If you are constantly in a state of stress andYou are experiencing serious overloads - do not be surprised that your head hurts. The best way to defeat a headache is to practice relaxing practices, for example, meditation or yoga. Doctor christian peterson Insists that you need to monitor the harmony of the emotional state, and the headache will recede.
  2. neck
    A person who can not forgive himself forSomething, complains of pain in the neck. The burden of guilt paralyzes this place, from samudstva and remorse must be disposed of urgently. That the pain in the neck has passed, you need to learn to accept the world as it is, in all its manifestations. Lory d'auxcenzo, physician-chiropractor-kinesiologist, Recommends forgiving yourself and others - it will benefit your health.
    pain in the neck
  3. Shoulders
    Chiropractor Explains that the shoulders are a zone where all the responsibility and cares accompanying a person lies. The best remedy for pain in the shoulders is to share the load of cares with loved ones, stop pulling on yourself.
    Pain in the shoulders
  4. Pain in the upper back
    This zone is responsible for love, its receipt or return. Ronda degast, trainer and practitioner in self-development, Believes that with pain in this place it's time to take care of your relationships with people, try to balance the process of energy exchange. To receive love and give it back must be evenly.
    Pain in the upper back
  5. small of the back
    The lower back is responsible for financial matters, so if you are dissatisfied with your material situation, do not be surprised that the loin often hurts. Dr. Mark in. Tong Warns: If money does not give you rest day or night, you do not earn much or spend a lot, it is fraught with serious health problems. Try to intelligently adjust your relationship with money.
    Back pain
  6. Elbows
    Alan vogel In the journal "Psychology Today" states that elbows are a reflection of how cruel you are with the outside world. Be kinder, compromise, and this area will not hurt you.
    Pain in the elbows
  7. arms
    Most of the interactions with the outside world take place through the hands. Lori d'Auxcenzo Argues that the pain in his hands indicates a lack of communication with people or his overabundance. Everything should be in moderation, remember this.
    Pain in the hands
  8. Thighs
    Hips are responsible for moving forward, into the future, sure Chiropractor Barbara Clarke. Do not be afraid of change, look into the eyes of those events that are waiting for you, and pain in the hips will not bother you. Be flexible and open to everything new - a pledge of strong mental and physical health.
  9. knees
    The knees display problems with self-esteem. If a person undeservingly lowers himself or raises his ego over others, he can not avoid troubles with his knees. Lorenz Mitchell, a specialist in non-traditional Oriental medicine, Suggests to treat yourself with humor and love your ego.
  10. calf muscle
    Grievances and envy are concentrated in this place. Doctor laura perry Advises to abandon the experience of these negative emotions and live with peace in the soul, then no muscle tension will not give you discomfort.
    calf muscle
  11. Ankles
    Pleasure conquers the pain! Ankle - just such an event. The pain in this part of the body indicates that you do not know how to relax and enjoy the moment. Julie douglas, the author of many books on self-knowledge, Recommends to deprive oneself of deserved awards and to enjoy life as much as possible.
  12. feet
    If you have pain in your feet, it's time to learn to let go of the negative and problems, stop focusing on the bad. Psychologist from California adobi anjei Believes that you need to appreciate every positive change, and serious problems pay less attention, and they will dissolve.

When do you suffer Emotional pain, The body suffers greatly. Why harm yourself? Only on you depends on how to respond to these or other circumstances. So that life is comfortable, it is enough not to accumulate evil in yourself and concentrate on something positive.

Try not to think like you used to, you will succeed! Body and psyche Will be healthier, but this is so important ... show your friends this information, they should know what leads to resentment of the world and yourself!