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Products for Slimness

To look irresistibly like everyone and always. Summer is already on the threshold, and you are not yet ready for this turn, physically or morally? Does the reflection in the mirror seem unreal to you? Body is not as tight as we would like?

Revise your diet and eat foods from which you will become thinner in a short time. You probably know about many of them, but some will become for you an unexpected revelation - High-calorie food Can promote weight loss!

Compose luxury Menu for the week, Using mostly these products, and you will come to the right shape very quickly. Summer festive fever is approaching, start preparing!

Products for slenderness

  1. avocado
    The fat-burning effect that avocado gives is quite understandable. This tasty product stimulates the production of the male hormone Testosterone Both in men and in women. Due to testosterone, the amount of fat mass decreases, and the muscle mass increases, which creates favorable conditions for losing weight.
  2. grapefruit
    Contains few calories, a lot of water, quickly quenches the hunger and suppresses it for a long time - the bitter astringents in the grapefruit hold back the appetite. Grapefruit with cinnamon - an excellent treat!
  3. pear
    Eat a pear without cleaning it from the peel - it contains a lot of fiber, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Pear is better not to eat at night, so as not to overload the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Blueberries
    There is no berries in which there would be as much an amount of antioxidants as in blueberries. Strengthen the body and skinny, enjoying the original blueberry taste: smoothies with blueberries - it's something!
  5. Tomatoes
    Tomatoes contain vitamin c. If you want to lose weight and smoke at the same time - lean on tomatoes, this vegetable will help you to make up the loss of the vitamin with during smoking. The use of tomatoes in food helps to produce an amino acid that burns fat, l-carnitine.
  6. Nuts
    Nuts contain a lot of protein, and this stimulatesSatiety and helps control blood sugar levels. Due to the fact that nuts are a high-calorie product, it is generally accepted that there is a need for them a little - a handful a day. But even 5 handfuls of nuts per day will not cause any harm to your figure! Vegetable protein is useful for anyone who wants to lose weight.
  7. papaya
    The fruit of papaya contains a unique enzyme - papain (I hear about it for the first time!). This enzyme helps the fats to split faster and lose weight rapidly.
  8. Bananas
    The best alternative to sweets and harmful snacks is bananas. They are caloric, but at the same time very satisfying, relieve the feeling of hunger for a long time.
  9. chilli
    Chili pepper contains a substance Capsaicin, Which increases body temperature and accelerates metabolism. Extra calories will go away irrevocably!
  10. Coconut oil
    Coconut oil can increase metabolism 3 times! Especially coconut oil is useful for those who like sweets - it reduces the craving for sweets for a long time.
    Coconut oil
  11. lemon
    The acids contained in the lemon help to cleanse the liver and prevent the accumulation of fats. Only 1 lemon a day will help you to save the figure in perfect condition.
  12. watermelon
    Watermelon is low in calories, but at the same time - very sweet, it is a worthy substitute for desserts. Watermelon is the only product, except pumpkin, which contains a secret enzyme Citrulline. Citrulline increases the endurance of the body, cleanses the blood vessels, improves blood circulation and regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is very important for losing weight.

These 12 products are leaders Dietary menu. That pleases, they are not only useful, but also delicious.

Avocado, pears and nuts - delicious optionsFor a snack between meals. Summer you need to eat more vegetables and fruits, this is a fact! Motivate your friends to eat, taking care of health and beauty, show them this list of products.