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7 exercises for the neck

Everyone knows that Work at the computer It affects not only the eyesight, but alsospine. If you have already begun to suffer pain in the neck or you belong to those people who like to prepare a sleigh in the summer (read: to carry out prevention before the onset of the disease), our article for you.

This set of exercises is specially designedFor a sitting job, that is, you can start charging right now! Just a couple of minutes, and you will remove tension, increase concentration, improve performance and even You will remove a headache. Ready? Let's get started!

Exercises for the neck

  1. Stretching
    For this exercise you need to sit straight, straightenBack, put your feet on the floor, and your hands - on the table or on the hips. Keep your neck straight, raise your head slightly, raise your chin slightly down, not pressing it to your chest. Relax your shoulders and put them down.

    Feel a stretch in the neck. Repeat several times. Do stretching as often as possible during the whole working day. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

  2. Neck stretch

  3. Turns
    Position do not change, sit straight, spread your shoulders andRelax your hands. Keep your neck straight and look in front of you. Slowly turn your head to the left (your eyes also look as far as you can to the left), stay a little in this position and just return slowly to the starting position.

    Now make a right turn. Repeat the exercise several times in each direction. This exercise will save you from fatigue and relieve tension.

  4. Head turns

  5. Slopes aside
    The starting position is the same. The back is flat, feet on the floor. Straighten your shoulders and relax your arms (you can lower them down). Slowly tilt your left ear to your left shoulder, feel a pleasant stretch. While the head should not be tilted forward or backward, keep the shoulders constantly lowered.

    Pay attention to the fact that you are stretching your ear toShoulder, and not vice versa. Slowly return to the starting position and perform this exercise for the right side. Repeat several times and feel how pain in the neck area disappears.

  6. Slopes aside

  7. Bending
    The starting position is the same. Sitting directly on a chair, slowly lower your chin and press it to your neck. Keep your back and neck straight, do not open your mouth. Briefly stay in this position. Then return to the starting position and lower your chin with your neck, trying to press it against your chest.

    Stay in this position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat two kinds of bending several times in a row, after which your performance will increase right before your eyes.

  8. Bending of the neck

  9. Extrusion
    Sitting on a chair, spread your shoulders and relax your arms. Keep your neck straight and look in front of you. While in this position, slowly tilt your head back and lift your chin up to the ceiling until you feel comfortable.

    Watch that your mouth is closed. Briefly stay in this position and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise several times and feel a surge of strength.

  10. Neck extension

  11. "Drawing circles"
    This exercise is perhaps the easiest: Simply perform circular motions in each direction. It is contraindicated for people suffering from osteochondrosis, pain in the neck, back and frequent migraines.

    In this case it is better to refrain from a full circle, and "paint" the head of the G-8. To avoid problems, consult your doctor.

  12. Exercise drawing circles

  13. Bending with turns
    In the position, straighten your shoulders and arms. Slowly lower your head, keeping your neck parallel to the floor. From this position, slowly turn your head first to one side, and then to the other. Repeat the exercise several times and improve not only memory, but also work capacity.
  14. Bending with turns

Now you are not afraid of an 8-hour working day and a constant sitting at the computer. These simple exercises are not only Will remove fatigue, But also strengthen your health.

The main advantage of this charging is that forIt does not need special conditions or a separate room - it is ideal even for the workplace. Send this article to all of your friends and colleagues, take care of their health!