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List of companies that produce genetically modified products

organization Greenpeace Published on the Internet a list ofGenetically modified products. He very quickly scattered over many sites and social networks. Does this information correspond to reality or is it another fiction?

In the beginning of the article the list of products of largeCompanies-producers. And at the bottom is a refutation that makes you wonder who and why is spreading information of this kind, especially about baby food.

Genetically modified foods

  1. Snickers
  2. Products from mcdonald's
  3. Baby food nestle
  4. Lipton tea
  5. Candies m & m's
  6. Twix
  7. Milky way
  8. Chocolate and cocoa cadbury
  9. Ferrero
  10. Nestle products
  11. Chocolate drink nestle nesquik
  12. Sosa-sola
  13. Sprite, fanta, tonic "kinli", "fruitaym"
  14. Pepsi
  15. 7-up, "fiesta", "mountain dew"
  16. Kellogg's breakfast cereals
  17. Knorr sauces
  18. Cookies parmalat
  19. Seasoning, mayonnaise, hellmann's sauces
  20. Seasoning, mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup heinz
  21. Rice uncle bens mars
  22. Hipp products
  23. Children's mixtures abbot labs similac
  24. Yogurts, kefir, cheese, baby food danon
  25. Campbell soups
  26. Chocolate, chips, coffee, baby food kraft
  27. Baby food, deli products unilever
  28. chocolate

The department of ecological organization greenpeace has submitted a list of large companies that use in the manufacture of products Genetically modified ingredients. Many corporations that fall into the list, refute this information. Greenpeace claims that some got into it only because they did not submit information about the composition of their goods.

Many manufacturers add that they have all the proper documents. They claim that no one addressed them about the information.

If such criticism of food producers goes further, it can cause harm Many commodity groups. For example, once in the late 90's there was a negative campaign against yoghurts, which led to a decrease in sales of these products.

be careful! Learn the information on the labels carefully. And also try to eat food from your garden, if possible. It's useful that you grow yourself and you can not argue with that.

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