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9 sayings of the doctor-oncologist

Marti Makarii - well known in the circles of physicians Oncologist. Now he works at Johns Hopkins University. In his time he managed to work in the organization of the United Nations and constantly advocates for transparency in the health sector.

Marty also worked as a surgeon in many of the best hospitals in the United States, so he can testify to the amazing opportunities Modern medicine. Despite this, Makarii also witnessed andMonstrous errors of doctors, when patients left surgical sponges in their patients, amputated the wrong limbs, and the children had an overdose due to inattention of the medical staff.

9 sayings of the doctor-oncologist


You think that modern medicine has reachedHeights and works wonders? Then you should read these 9 utterances of marti macarii. They plunge into shock, but it's true, since Marti worked as a practicing surgeon for many years.

  1. Studies show that 1 in 4 patients suffered from medical errors.
  2. American doctors mistakenly operate patients about 40 times weekly.
  3. One cardiologist was fired in connection with his statement that 25% of electrocardiograms are misinterpreted.
  4. The system of paying physicians inspires them to prescribe unnecessary procedures and medications, and the doctor's profit depends on the number of operations performed by him.
  5. Almost half of the methods of treatment are not based on anything.
  6. I am familiar with situations where the patient intentionally does notReported the most bloodless method of surgery, so that the doctor could fully practice. While the doctor hoped that the patient did not find out.
  7. Medical errors are at the 5-6th place among the causes of mortality, specific figures depend on the method of counting.
  8. The doctor's goal is to offer the patient something,Even in a situation where the doctor can no longer help. This is an economic incentive. Doctors need to pay for equipment that is bought on credit. In other words, we have expensive equipment and, in order to pay for it, they need to use it.
  9. My main recommendation - beware of clinics and goTo the doctor, only if it is extremely necessary to save lives. In such cases it is desirable to have an individual lawyer - a relative or a friend who can speak for you and see that you get a proper care when you do not have the opportunity to do it personally. Once you have a need for medical procedures, then, making them, remember that you have freedom and personal choice - use it!

A colleague of the doctor of Macarius at the clinic of the barbara starfield opened the following facts to the public:

  1. Every year from the results of direct medical225,000 patients die. 106 thousand of them die due to the use of officially approved medications. Other 119 thousand - victims of improper care of medical staff.
  2. While the cure for all diseases has not yet been created, one has to be satisfied with those that are ...

Medical errors Are in third place among all causes of death, and it is worth thinking about. But remember that if you really need medical help, doctors' services can not be neglected!