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Causes of heart disease

We are used to the fact that cholesterol and fatty food - Our enemies number 1. If a person has heart problems, modern medicine broadcasts, it's all because he eats too much fatty food, does not monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood and moves little.

But what about those who have spent their whole lives on sparing diets, avoiding fats, but died of a sudden Heart attack? A cardiosurgeon with 25 years of experience explains in detail what the main mistake of doctors is.

They do not tell patients that all heart problems arise as a result of chronic inflammatory processes in the body. The key to understanding your body is the realization that everything is connected.

Causes of heart disease

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Inflammation of the arteries - what the doctor who operates the patient withHeart problems. This inflammation is inevitably present, no matter what diagnosis he is given. Despite a lot of scientific research, medicine does not focus on this. Does not explain where this inflammation comes from.

And the answer is quite simple: a violation of the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in cell membranes causes an inflammatory process.

In a person who eats food withExcess of simple processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all products from them), and also consumes excessively vegetable oils containing omega-6 acids, such as soybean, corn and sunflower (found in many artificially processed foods), serious injuries of blood vessels and Arteries.

Under the influence of these products, significant Jumps of sugar In the blood, from which the entire circulatory system suffers. Excess sugar molecules are attached to proteins that must serve as building blocks for cells, and damage them.

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Dr. Dwight Lundell has been working for almost 30 yearsCardiosurgery in the state of arizona (banner heart hospital). Now he left traditional medical practice and opened a center that treats heart diseases with the help of diet therapy.

The diet that the doctor recommends is very simple, butLogical: only the natural products that our grandmothers ate. No chemically treated and long-stored food! While the doctor says: in no case can not be ruled out useful fats from the diet.

They are necessary for the proper operation of allOrganism and heart in particular. You need to give up sugar! The creation of a huge amount of food with a low fat content led to an epidemic of foods saturated with sugar. Hence the high mortality rate as a result of cardiovascular diseases.

Food with natural products is the key to your health and well-being. Semi-finished products, sweets and chemically-flavored foods from the supermarket - quiet killers of your heart.

Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat and fish, do not avoidEggs, linseed and olive oil, regularly eat nuts and dried fruits. With such a diet, the jumps of sugar in the blood will come to naught and the heart will faithfully serve you.

Tell your friends about the cardiosurgeon's opinion about heart disease, his view deserves attention!