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Food for beautiful hair and strong nails

How often did you hear the catch phrase that "beauty requires sacrifice"? We are taught at school to write, count, physics and astronomy, but everything, as far as beauty and Self-care, Remains to us as a homework for life.

Women and girls of all ages exchange Grandmother's recipes, Advice from fashion magazines, listen toThe opinion of scientists who someday (we believe in this!) Will invent a vaccine of eternal beauty and youth. But for now we want to share with you the latest discoveries of the luminaries of science and medicine as to which products are best used for the beauty and health of hair and nails.

Products for hair and nails

  1. salmon
    This delicious fish contains important for the bodyVitamin d, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to strengthen the nails, prevent their fragility and stratification, strengthen hair follicles, so that the hair becomes thicker and begin to grow faster. If the salmon is for some reason not a frequent visitor at your table - we offer an alternative: sardines, herring, trout, mackerel.
  2. salmon

  3. walnuts
    Walnuts that grow in our latitudes are richOmega-3 fatty acids, and also contain biotin and vitamin e, very useful for the body. These components effectively fight with hair loss, strengthen teeth, fill hair with life-giving force, make them stronger and thicker, accelerate the growth of the nail plate. Alternative to walnuts: pumpkin seeds and avocado.
  4. Nuts

  5. Whey Protein
    If hair and nails suffer from protein deficiency, inParticular keratin, they become dull and brittle. In order to correct the situation in the shortest possible time, drink the serum. This tasty, slightly sour drink is absolutely undeservedly considered a by-product in the preparation of cheese or cottage cheese. In fact, the serum not only strengthens the teeth, hair and nails, but also helps to control the appetite of those who are actively struggling with excess weight!
  6. protein

  7. Lentils
    These miracle beans contain a whole arsenal of usefulVitamins and trace elements. Such vital nutrients as iron, zinc, protein and biotin, stimulate the growth of new hair, give them strength and natural shine, the hair grows stronger and thicker, and the nails - stronger and healthier.
  8. Lentils

  9. spinach
    The composition of spinach includes such useful for hairAnd nail substances, like beta-carotene, folic acid and vitamin c. These trace elements help to maintain the hair follicles and nail plates, accelerate the growth of hair, make them thicker and healthier. From the regular use of spinach nails cease to separate, become strong and long.
  10. spinach

  11. sweet potato
    This root vegetable contains a huge amountBeta-carotene, or vitamin A. If people experience a deficiency of this trace element, they begin to worry about dandruff, itchy scalp, hair begins to fall out, and nails - to separate. Just a small portion of sweet potato can improve the situation and protect you from health problems.
  12. Sweet potatoes

Hope we convinced you that forGetting real natural beauty does not need to spend millions and be enrolled in the queue for six months ahead to a plastic surgeon. All that you need is the right and balanced diet. Tell your friends about these 6 products that are able to turn an ordinary girl into a real beauty. And no casualties!