/ How many germs are on our hands

How many microbes are on our hands

Our body is home to a huge number Microbes and bacteria, But without a microscope they can not be seen. Although it's probably even better that we can not see all this horror.

How many microbes are on our hands

Recently the internet circled a snapshot of the silhouette of his hand inA cup of petri. This imprint belongs to the 8-year-old son of Tashi Starom. So the woman decided to check how many microbes are on her child's hands, and since she works as a laboratory assistant in the college of Cabrillo, California, it was not difficult for her.

She filled the petri dish with nutritiousWith a tryptic soy agar and asked her son to leave the imprint of her hand in the container after he played on the street. The result of this small experience only proves once again that we need as much as possible Wash hands often.

In the petri dish the bacteria developed only 2 days.


The bacteria that the Tasha has grown should not be taken as a biological hazard, because the presence of bacteria on the skin is normal.


Because the bacteria are both outside and inside the body, providing good work of the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract.


But not all of these bacteria are useful. Since the woman has not yet conducted an analysis of grown microbes, one can not claim that her son's arms were only dangerous or only Beneficial bacteria. But do not forget that you need to wash your hands after every exit to the street!