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How to avoid a foot fungus

Fungus on legs - a very common disease, and everythingBecause it is quite easy to catch them. This infection has many unpleasant symptoms, and all of them have a negative impact on people's quality of life. But precautions against the infection of this sore have not yet become customary.

Catch a fungus In public placesProbably, especially if you go around without shoes or use someone else's shoes. These tips are extremely relevant for people who are looking forward to a vacation on the sea coast.

It seems that yesterday everything was fine, and hereRan barefoot on the beach, just as quickly went into the shower and noticed in the morning that his feet are uncomfortably itch ... it is important to know about the fungus and those who regularly visit the pool, sauna or sauna, gym and welcomes outings to nature by a large company.

Spores of the fungus have an amazing ability to survive even at very low temperatures and scatter everywhere.


Every fifth person on the planet is infected with different kinds of fungus, which affects hair, nails, skin and even mucous membranes. Most often a fungus is found on the legs. Mycosis of the feet - mainly the curse of men, the infection is aggravated by sweating of the feet.

Notice the onset of the disease is easy: The formation of small cracks between the fingers and the characteristic itching indicate that the pathogens begin to settle on their feet. Further nails lose their luster and become muddy, the nail plate deforms, the nail begins to crumble or break.

There is pain in the region of the nail plate, the cuticle becomes inflamed, the nails become very thick ... you can avoid all this nightmare if you follow the elementary rules of hygiene.

How to avoid a foot fungus

  1. Do not go barefoot in public places. Shower in the pool, hotel, dorm, common bathroom should be visited in individual rubber shoes. Buy rubber slippers, which you will like very much externally - you will rarely forget to take them with you.
  2. Do not use someone else's shoes. Foreign shoes - very often the fungus habitat. Skin flakes, which remain in the shoes, can carry the unpleasant disease. Just stop sharing your shoes!

    You can always buy cheap slippers at once and protect yourself and others from infection. Buying shoes in a store, measure it only with a socks. Because there are people who put their bare feet there ...

  3. If there are wounds or scratches on your feet, refrain from visiting the bath and pool. Through the damaged skin the fungus penetrate into the body even easier! Do not forget to treat wounds and scrapes with iodine, which will prevent bacteria from multiplying.
  4. Carefully my feet in the morning and in the evening, in particular - the area between the fingers. Good sushi feet after washing, a great idea - to use powder or talc for feet.

    Pastu teymurova - a powerful preventive tool that helps people with the problem of sweating feet do not pick up the fungus. Daily wear clean socks, pantyhose; Aerate the shoes, make sure that it is not wet inside.

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Cleanliness and good immunity will save you from a fungal infection. In people with actively working protective forces of the body the danger of getting pathological infections is much lower.

But the most vigilant people should be those who in the past experienced Frostbite feet Or for any other reasons, they have a violation of the leg blood supply.

Let this summer pass for you without the hassle - watch your health even in small things. Tell your friends that it is easier to not get sick with a fungus than to cure it!