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How to sprout nuts

About the benefits of germinated seeds and grains knowAlmost all people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Many have already tested their healing properties. For example, over a day of germination in the water, the life force of wheat increases a hundredfold. But not everyone knows about the beneficial effects of a sprouted walnut.

For 14 days its energy potential is increased by a thousand times. Using the recipe below, you can Cleanse the body of toxins And toxins, slow down the aging process, restore the immune and nervous systems. And this is only a small part of the benefits that you will feel after regular use.

How to grow a nut

Sprouted nuts


Take 1 kilogram of unpeeled walnuts,Place them in a jar and fill with cold water. Water should cover the nuts. Put on the windowsill for 14 days, not forgetting to change the water every other day. Stir nuts in the morning and in the evening. After two weeks they will be ready for use. Keep them in the refrigerator in the same water.

To feel the healing effect, you need to use 2-3 peeled nuts twice a day.

Sprouted walnuts are useful for almost everyone, regardless of age. But they should be taken with caution to people with impaired pancreatic activity.

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