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Project "Eat and Run"

When a person eats a chocolate cake or drinks coffee with sugar, He often does not even think about how many calories he consumes. And this oh, how many. To burn them later, you need to work hard. So interesting calculations have been made.

Find out how many kilometers you need to run toBurn calories from eaten food and drink. For calculations, the average parameters were taken: weight 65 kilograms and running at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

How much calories burned

  1. To burn calories from a cup of instant coffee without sugar, you need to run 420 m.
  2. a cup of coffee

  3. Green apple of medium size
  4. green apple

  5. Sandwich with red caviar without oil
  6. Boiled egg
  7. Boiled egg

  8. Small bar milky way
  9. Milky way

  10. A small cupcake weighing 35 grams
  11. cake

  12. Two candies "Ferrero Roshe"
  13. Ferrero Roshe

  14. Cob of boiled corn
  15. Calorie content of corn

  16. Sweet curd cheese weighing 50 grams
  17. Curd cheese

  18. Mars bar
  19. Mars

  20. Little kitkat
  21. Kitkat

  22. 50 grams of sweet peanuts
  23. peanut

  24. Snickers
  25. Snickers

  26. Bounty
  27. Bounty

  28. Twix - record among bars
  29. Twix

  30. A pack of toasts weighing 60 grams
  31. toast

  32. Wand kosinaka weighing 56.5 grams
  33. Kozinaki

  34. Alpen gold with hazelnuts and raisins
  35. Alpen gold

  36. The most high-calorie product on the list is a chocolate cupcake weighing 125 grams.
  37. chocolate cake

After viewing these photos you will begin to wonder when you will have the last 5 products from this list, whether it is worth it. But even if you Eat right, Running will not hurt you. Even, on the contrary, will give a lot of advantages for the organism.

Do sports, eat healthy food and share this interesting information with your friends!