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Rosemary improves memory

rosemary Is a plant that is known to mankind alreadySeveral millennia. In ancient Rome he was considered a symbol of lovers and used in wedding ceremonies. In the Middle Ages, rosemary was a symbol of fidelity, and also thought that it protected from the plague.

In modern medicine this plant is used as a soft painkiller for migraines, it helps to get rid of Problems with digestion, Relieve stress and nervous tension. Rosemary also improves cerebral circulation and positively affects vision.

"so simple!" Will tell you today about another property of this most useful plant.


Rosemary improves memory

It was recently discovered that rosemary positively affects human memory. Psychologists from the University of Northumbria conducted an experiment and found that Rosemary oil Positively affects the work of the brain and memory in particular.

Participants in the experiment were 66 people,Half of which were placed in a room where there was a smell of rosemary, the rest were sent to a normal room. All participants in the study were asked to perform a series of tests aimed at studying the properties of memory. As a result, those who inhaled Aroma of rosemary, Coped with tasks at 60-75% better.

Scientists explained that rosemary containsA compound known as 1,8-cineol. It acts on the chemical reactions that underlie memory. In the blood of people who solved the problem more quickly, an increased concentration of 1,8-cineol was detected.

"We have taken as a basis the results of pastResearch and in this work focused on the ability to remember the events that will occur in the future, as well as not forget about the fulfillment of various tasks at a certain time. This is very important in everyday life ", - explained the author of the study, Dr. Mark Moss (marc moss).

I think this discovery will help students andSchoolchildren in memorizing educational material and will be very useful at work, for example, when it is necessary to prepare an important report. Take note of this property of rosemary and share this discovery with your friends!