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9 products to combat stress

The rhythm of modern life dictates its conditions. We get more information, more responsibility, more emotions ... and if our grandmothers did not know the word "stress" completely, today even first-graders use it in their vocabulary!

The pharmacy is full of all kinds of food additives, pills and drops that help Relieve tension And calm your nerves. However, these drugs not only hit the family budget, but can also cause side effects. Offer your attention 10 products, many of which are not only budgetary, but also for sure you have at home!

Products from stress

  1. Eggs, oranges, avocado
    All these products effectively relieve stress andNervous tension. They contain many antioxidants that strengthen the body, help fight fatigue and insomnia. High content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, potassium and protein prevents the development of the stress hormone and keeps the nerve cells healthy.
  2. avocado

  3. green tea
    This drink contains a large amountAntioxidants, which are actively fighting with a bad mood and apathy. Green tea soothingly acts on the mind and body, helps to improve the body of smokers and those who abuse alcohol. If you are not a fan of green tea, you can replace it with black.
  4. green tea

  5. milk
    People who drink milk regularly, less oftenAre subject to stress. Just one glass contains enough vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium and antioxidants that overcome stress, soothe the nervous system, normalize sleep. Cereals with milk - the best breakfast for a calm and peaceful day.
  6. milk

  7. salmon
    This fish is very beneficial for the bodyProduct and valuable source of protein. Also salmon contains components that increase the level of serotonin (a hormone of happiness) in the blood. As an alternative, you can choose tuna, mackerel, sardines.
  8. salmon

  9. Brown rice
    Brown rice is more useful than white because of itsNutritional value. A large number of group vitamins in makes it one of the best foods actively fighting stress. If you feel irritated or moody, eat a little brown rice, and feel a surge of vivacity and faith in yourself.
  10. <Img alt = "brown rice

  11. spinach
    In spinach contains many useful vitaminsGroup a, c, c, which strengthen immunity and positively affect the body as a whole. Also in this herb contains potassium, calcium and magnesium, which lower the level of the stress hormone in the body. Daily consumption of spinach in food contributes to the normalization of sleep, improve mood, restore the nervous system.
  12. spinach

  13. dark chocolate
    Chocolate sweets - one of the most famousAssistants in stress relief. This tasty and useful product helps to fight fatigue and irritability, improves mood, invigorates and tones up the body.
  14. dark chocolate

In the daily bustle, emotions and Nervous tension And I want to find a cozy corner, in which it is quiet and joyful. When problems accumulated too much - find a few minutes for yourself and eat a little chocolate or orange.

Problems, can, anywhere and will not disappear, but you will look at them in another way! Hope our collection will be useful not only for you, but also for your friends. Take care of yourself and your nerves!