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6 vegetable oils

sunflower oil Is a product that is practically in the kitchenEvery person. In it, of course, contains some valuable substances, but this kind of oil has several remarkable substitutes, which are not only more useful than oil made from sunflower seeds, but even tastier.

so, "so simple!" Collected for you 6 types of oils that fully replace sunflower!

Table vegetable oil

Carrot oil

  1. Carrot oil
    Carrot oil

    Make it from a plant called a redheadSowing. This is a very tasty oil and is ideal for salad dressings. And also red-oil is several times more useful than sunflower oil. Try it at least once and you will not be able to stop using it.

  2. Cedar oil
    Cedar oil

    It contains a huge amount of vitamin E and polyunsaturated acids. This oil can strengthen your immunity, increase your mental and physical abilities.

  3. mustard oil
    mustard oil

    In this type of oil contains all fat-soluble vitamins. On the content of vitamins it is much more useful than sunflower. Mustard oil has a very unusual and piquant taste.

  4. linseed oil
    linseed oil

    Is a strong antioxidant in whichContains the highest amount of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, which will help to stay young as long as possible, and vitamin F, which will improve your skin and hair.

  5. Pumpkin oil
    Pumpkin oil

    In the composition of this vegetable oil is a largeThe amount of biologically active substances that protect the liver and improve the performance of the gastrointestinal tract. This oil increases the immunity and improves the skin condition.

  6. corn oil
    corn oil

    Contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) and vitamin E. Corn oil can be called the elixir of youth and health.

Make a small experiment and try Replace sunflower oil One of the above. You will not only add an unusual taste to your dishes, but you will also get better!