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Effect of yeast on the body

Yeast is a "Trojan horse". Getting into the body, yeast causes unimaginable processes, very harmful to your health. And we are not talking about natural yeast, on which kvass and live beer are prepared. Particularly dangerous dry yeast, Which are so fond of adding mistresses to baking, these same substrates are used in the production of store bread and beer.

Convenient and tasty does not at all mean good forHealth! Yeast fungi, which enter the body together with fresh baked goods, devour a useful microflora in the stomach and intestines. That's why many people feel heaviness in the stomach After the eaten pie: flour products and so are difficult for digestion, and in combination with yeast become the reason of digestion disturbance ...

The effect of yeast on the body


The process of fermentation that occurs in the bodyAfter saturation with yeast, has a whole complex of negative consequences. Rapid fatigue of the brain and body, decreased immunity, sleep disturbance, low resistance of the body to infections - something that is immediately apparent in people who are addicted to yeast products.

German scientists believe that Fermentation processes Can influence the appearance and growth of cancerCells in the human body. It was proved by the professor of the Cologne University German Wolff, who for 37 months grew a malignant tumor in a test tube with a solution of a yeast fungus. The tumor has become more than 3 times in just a week, but it was worth removing the solution with yeast, as it disappeared!


Yeast fermentation - in fact, an appalling process. If this occurs in the body, the diaphragm does not perform vibrational movements, takes a forced position, the lower lobes of the lungs are squeezed.

All digestive organs are clampedExcess gas formation, often the gallbladder leaves its bed, changing its shape. Fermentation is also the cause of stagnant phenomena in the lower extremities, small pelvis and head.

This leads to varicose veins,Thrombus formation, trophic ulcers and further decrease in immunity. Scientists tend to believe that excessive consumption of yeast leads to the appearance of tumors of different types and to serious malfunctions in the work of the whole organism.


It is only necessary to limit Yeast consumption, And you will feel better yourself! The processes of fermentation in the body do not make you healthier, stop being a plantation for the reproduction of yeast fungi. Minimum baking, especially fresh, no cheap beer and wine - take this as a rule.

In addition, there are many recipes for the test, in which yeast is not used, why not cook like that? Tell your friends about the dangers of yeast, take care of their well-being!