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Massage point of longevity

On the human body there is a point called Tzu-san-li point, Or a point from a hundred diseases. The impact on it helps in the treatment, prevention of various diseases and in the recovery of the whole organism.

Eastern wise men say that if a personEvery new moon will turn its biological clock back with the help of this point, his body will be rejuvenated. Why is it called a point from 100 diseases?

This point controls the work of all organs,Located in the lower half of the body. As well as the work of the spinal cord in those departments that are responsible for the normal functioning of the zhkt, genital organs and kidneys.

Massage point of longevity

Longevity point

Put your palm on your knee, as in the picture. Under the fourth finger you will feel a hole between the bones of the foot. This is the point of tszu-san-li.

This point can be heated before the massage, but not necessarily. Massage the point of longevity in the first week of the new moon with 9 rotations per foot. You need to press strongly.

People who have tried this technique say that they have increased their immunity and they feel much better!

if Massage point Before dinner in a clockwise direction, thenThe impact will have a stimulating effect. Massage after lunch and counterclockwise - a soothing effect. At the end of the procedure a person feels light in the body.

Take care now of your health and longevity. And also share this amazing Eastern methods with friends!